Zoos Should Be Abolished


Gorilla Protecting Child

Cincinnati Oh (Storch Report) — An incident occurred over the Memorial Day weekend that captured the attention of the nation for all the wrong reasons.

A four year old boy fell into the habitat of a 17-year-old Silver Back Gorilla named, Harambe, at the Cincinnati zoo who flung the child around like a rag doll in the water, although at times seemed to treat him gently.

The management of the Zoo made the decision to shoot Harambe in order to save the child, it was the right decision.

However, there were those that protested, blaming the parents for not taking care of their child, requesting charges be filed against them for the loss of the Gorilla’s life.

The zoo habitat and its protective fences had not been changed in 30 years, and had recently been inspected by authorities and approved.

Others protested that Gorilla’s lives matter and the zoo made the wrong decision.

Few realize that a Silver Back Gorilla has the strength to crush a green coconut in one hand.

Tranquilizers, frequently used to subdue aggressive animals, would take 10 minutes to work and would aggravate the Gorilla, according those in the know.

Killing the Gorilla was the right and only choice.

This incident has happened before and with children and Gorilla’s.

Only a few weeks ago an adult male jumped in the nude into the habitat of Tigers at another zoo in a suicide attempt by letting the Tigers eat him to death.  He survived.

Adults as well as children love zoos.  They are in every major city around the world, educating humans about animals of the wild.

But there are better and more sophisticated ways of educating about animals of the wild such as National Geographic, videos and documentaries.  

I know its not the real thing for the humans as a Zoo might be, nor is the habitat of a zoo the real thing for the wild animals in which they are imprisoned in cities around the world — endangering humans — because accidents happen.

The nation in the latest incident focused on the wrong issues.

Stop imprisoning animals of the wild in zoos, abolish them in the rights of animals and the accidents to humans will disappear. 



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