You Didn’t Build That; No, He Just Pulled The Trigger That Took Out bin Laden

I gave the order

Washington DC (Storch Report) — While President Obama didn’t spare any beating of his own chest when Navy SEAL Team Six took out the administrations’ orchestrated assassination of Osama bin Laden, followed by a political PR campaign cooperating with a Hollywood  production of a film revealing classified information to bolster his poll numbers; he is now warning the Seal who pulled the trigger killing the villain, that he could face a criminal investigation if he participates in the Fox documentary.

The documentary is scheduled to air on November 11, and Fox is promising to reveal the identity of the Navy SEAL, despite the Pentagon threats.  Apparently the documentary is already in the can.

It reminds me of Obama’s famous statement, “You didn’t build that” referring to entrepreneurs who claim they did build their businesses, when Obama implies that the government did.

And of course this Navy Seal was given the grueling training by the government that trained him to execute his mission.  But let us not forget it was Obama that gave the order and they watched it take place in the Situation Room.

Only a few days ago —  another presidential wannabee, ‘a passive-progressive, leading from behind, proving to be a double oxymoron’ which sounds like a plug for my book of satire — said corporations and businesses do not provide jobs, implying that government does.  If this is true, Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State and her ‘close’ friend Obama failed to do so while compatriots in crimes of the past six years.

It is interesting to note that the statement issued by the Pentagon came from Navy Commander Amy Derrick-Frost, a Defense Department spokeswoman, who said the military had not confirmed that the person participating in the Fox news documentary was indeed the SEAL who fired the fatal shot at bin Laden.  Well,  if they don’t know who it was, I don’t know who would.

She noted that all members of the military sign non-disclosure agreements.  I just don’t seem to remember this when I was in the military, but then again it was a different period of time.

But to show you how fair and balanced I am, I want you to know that the government had nothing to with building the business I once had, ‘I did build that,” and gave back more to them than they deserved.

However, I will give full credit to President Obama for building what this nation now has after six years of his passive-progressive leadership from behind . . . and, he did build that . . . and, he did give the order to kill bin Laden, but that Navy SEAL pulled the trigger and he too should have some credit.





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