You Can’t Have Equality With Out Civility


Trump endorsing Romney

Washington DC (Storch Report) — What happened to class in America?

No, not the upper class, the middle class or the lower class.

But the class of proper decorum that relates to civility to which I am addressing, which transcends all classes within our culture, including the buzz words of diversity, racism, and divisiveness; it has apparently evaporated from our culture because it no longer exists in a dialogue from New York to Hollywood.

We don’t rally around the flag, the pledge of allegiance, or in God we Trust.

These are symbols of our nation which apparently no longer have values and are being challenged by all aspects of our society.

This has come about because of a Community Organizer we the people elected to the White House, who challenged, questioned and violated these long-standing values, including those of the Constitution.

President Obama was a bad mistake that the American people must come to grips with.

He himself has no class, is a proponent of divisiveness, by the mere nature of being a community organizer of the Alinksy clan of yesterday along with Hillary Clinton who did a thesis on the Marxist philosopher while in college.

As a result, we are faced with Americans at odds with each other — the likes of which this nation has never witnessed before. We no longer have politicians or leaders of our country that are statesmen, they are more likely to resemble street fighters with the rhetoric that represents pugilists. 

It is no wonder that the nation is angry, they deserve to be by the State of the Union, despite what Obama says with phony government numbers that no one believes.

As a result, the outsiders are in and the insiders are out.

We are about to see a revolution by the voters of America the likes of which we have never seen before, people who have never voted before will vote and they will do so to out the past, which is not working for the people and seek a change.

For once, the people will send a message and vote for a change rather than rubber stamping the status quo.

We talk about ‘black lives matter,’ but in reality, all lives matter.  

In order to achieve equality for all, civility must prevail, otherwise, chaos will erupt.












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