Words Matter


Reagan comment on words

Washington DC (Storch Report) –President Obama knows how much words matter, after all he has used them with political verbosity, acumen and Democratic spin during his two terms in office.

He has used words disingenuously and with mendacity for his own political ideology and not necessarily for the nation’s good.

He has read off a teleprompter effectively other’s words in his style.

Had he been president on December 7, 1941, when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, drawing the US into WWII, he would have placed the blame for the attack on planes, guns and bombs and called for a global restriction on their use in the future.

For he would not have seen the attack representing an ideology of those men flying the planes, pulling the triggers on the guns and dropping the bombs.

Much as he doesn’t see ISIS, who he calls ISIL, as representing radical Islamic terrorism, calling it a political talking point of Republicans, not a strategy; he refuses to recognize it as a religious ideology which is no different than what Nazism, Fascism or Imperialism of yesterday and WWII was.

Following the attack on Pearl Harbor, President Roosevelt declared war.

ISIS declared war against the US, Obama refused to declare war against ISIS, perhaps out of his own ideology, which has not been defined to the American public, and perhaps out of sentimentally thinking of his days growing up in Kenya and the evening wailing of prayers by Muslims.

Two weeks ago 49 persons were slaughtered in a nightclub by a homegrown radical Islamic terrorist pledging his alligence to ISIS in Orlando, Florida.  The number of ISIS attacks are growing globally and in the US and Obama is doing little to protect our citizens.

Today the administration is still looking for the motivation, trying to spin the cause on an AR 15 semi automatic rifle, not believing the pledge of the messenger who was participating and representing the war of an ideology.

The administration even went to the extreme to redact the words from a 911 transcript the killer made while executing people explaining his motivation.  The administration didn’t want the people to hear it. But the administration got so much flak they decided to recall the redaction and release the original transcript. We still don’t know if it’s the truth, because the killer allegedly used the word ‘God’ rather than ‘Allah.’

President Obama sent his Attorney General Loretta Lynch to Orlando, who is still looking with the FBI, to find the true motivation for the act and issue some words of defense for the administration.

The words she used were, ‘compassion, unity and love,’ a dichotomy to a declaration of war.

Imagine, if President Roosevelt behaved yesterday the way President Obama is behaving today, we would be a world of Nazism, Fascism and Imperialism.

Words do matter and they can be delivered with a multitude of meanings and sentence structure, but should always be void of mendacity.


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