Women Stayed Home – Men Went To Work


(Storch Report) — Very simply, that’s the difference between men and women, men went to work yesterday and women didn’t and why men achieve and earn more. 

Yesterday was a ‘Day without a Woman,’ a protest of the Trump presidency.

They would like to say it was something else, but George Soros put $246 Million into the day for women to stay home, much as he did the day after Trump’s inaugural address where women protested in Washington DC and that in itself says it was a progressive liberal movement.

Ivanka Trump went to work today supporting women, and very frankly men who work with her would not like to see her stay at home, after all she has all the reasons to do so – children at home, a clothing line soaring in sales, degrees received, for over achievement, but she still shows up for work at the White House, working for no salary.

Yesterday was a political protest against Trump for what?  The stock market is soaring, corporations are staying in America, jobs are improving, Obamacare is being repealed and replaced, a tax reduction is on the horizon and Trump is moving to make America safer.

Yet, women are unhappy, they have more degrees than men, they are over achievers, feel they are smarter and being suppressed in the workplace and wonder why they are not, at least, at an equal level with men.

Very frankly, it’s very simple — half of the success for men is showing up for work.






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