Who’s The Media?


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Washington DC (Storch Report) — You’re the media.  I’m the media and yes the main stream media is the media as it has always been perceived to be. What is new, is that today’s technology has allowed us all to be the media without being journalists. 

Donald J. Trump, the president-elect is the media, he Tweets using this venue to reach 16 million viewers, an audience reach more than some in the mainstream media, but while doing so it is well known he is delivering messages of the Republican party to which he belongs and upon which he ran for president.   He doesn’t necessarily have to say it with each Tweet, but it is well known unless your living under a rock.

However, he is the first to criticize the mainstream media accusing them all of lying, and unfortunately he has proven to be true in his accusations.  

You might also Tweet or use Facebook to deliver your message, but you don’t identify who you are or where you are coming from, your political party or who you represent or the cause if your message is not political. In fact no one knows if you are delivering a ‘fake’ message if you don’t give us a source, allowing us to check it out. Oh, you might also have your own website to be part of the media.

But ‘fake’ messages come from all sources — yes, even the mainstream media.  After all what is ‘fake.’

I Tweet, use Facebook and Goggle + to deliver my messages primarily to attract viewers to my website, which is identified as being conservative, the columns are clearly identified as to being opinions or satire.

The rest of the pages on this website consists of aggregated news from other mainstream media news sites, all of which can be justified and researched as to credibility.

No journalist, nor individual delivering messages over the internet or in the mainstream media are infallible, or they wouldn’t have places in their venues for corrections.

If you haven’t noticed, the mainstream media overall doesn’t identify their agenda.  It would not be necessary if it was perceived as being objective, but no one could promise that because objectivity never existed in journalism.

The closest it ever came was identifying the political leaning of a paper by its editorial pages, but not its hard news reportorial pages.  Those were the days of journalism, when who, what, where, when, why and sometimes how meant something.

Today the bastion of world-wide journalism, the New York Times is apologizing to subscribers, which they are losing, for its poor and bias coverage of the 2016 general elections, soundly criticized by its own public editor, yet those reporters from the Times covering today’s politics for the paper are tweeting bias messages which can’t help but to spill over into their reportorial delivery of what they call news.  The same type of behavior takes place among the broadcast media, in the likes of ABC, CBS, NBC and cable stations such as CNN.

As a result of this election I believe the public has received the message – question the media messages, including your own — its source and whether it is trustworthy –and if it doesn’t meet this criteria, delete if from your reading list.







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