Who Shrunk The Economy?

Carney & Boehner

It was the ‘predecessor’ that shrunk the economy said Jay Carney, White House Press Secretary, who apparently couldn’t remember the name of the previous, President, George W. Bush, today because it was so long ago.

Other Dem’s blamed the Republicans, another generic reference without name calling, perhaps Bush bashing in Obama’s second term is being softened.

But you can count on ‘bashing’ not escaping the Obama vernacular during his to-be-eight year political campaign on issues he takes to the people to pressure congress to submit to his conquests rather than governing through leadership and compromise.  I think it’s called a ‘dictatorship.’

Issues that are now on his plate such as immigration reform, which he wants now; gun control, which he wants now; and bashing Fox News and Rush Limbaugh because they don’t say what he likes, are high on his agenda.

He went to Las Vegas to sell immigration reform, even though there was a bi-partisan deal on the table before he left, at a taxpayer cost of $1.8 million and now he is off to Minneapolis Thursday to sell gun control.

Obama doesn’t seem to like to deal with his colleagues in congress — he is a lonely man in the White House who likes to go to Camp David and skeet shoot with friends, which we only learned of recently.

I guess this helps with not trying to change the constitution.

Obama is a master magician, constantly taking the people’s eye off the trick through distractions to create the magic.

Rahman Emanuel, the Mayor of that Chicago town, that has more deaths by guns than has occurred in Afghanistan, advised Obama to never let a good crisis go to waste, and he hasn’t.

Obama is always on the offense, effectively using the tactic of divide and conquer, a Saul Alinsky disciple, a community organizer that dumb’s down the community he is selling and organizing for his objectives and policies.

Today he launched a blame game tactic to take your eye off the ball again as to who shrunk the economy.  It must have been his predecessor and the current flock of Republicans, it couldn’t have been him.  After all, he has only been in office for four years responsible for the slowest recovery in the United States since World War II.

It first began with Carney in the press briefing room and then House Dem Leader Nancy Pelosi alleging that GOP feet-dragging during talks over the fiscal crisis and willingness to accept automatic defense cuts contributed to the economic squeeze.

Carney, however, glossed over the fact that both Democrats and Republicans agreed to the 2011 debt-ceiling legislation that set in motion more than $500 billion in defense cuts.

Pelosi further charged that “today’s disappointing GDP report is a direct result of the economic uncertainty created by House Republicans’ strategy of obstruction and manufactured crises.”

Republicans accused the White House of having selective amnesia.

It is clear that Obama has zero interest in debt.  He has stated that we don’t have a spending problem.  But the facts are we are $16 trillion in debt, we are on the path to Europe and Obama is taking us there with his magic.

Who was it that shrunk the economy?

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