When Less Of Life Faces You

Defending Your Life

Growing old is big business for the young, perhaps one of the better investments in today’s faltering economy, because the elderly need care.

After all everyone is living longer these days and the longer we live, we exponentially gather infirmities.

I recently had the opportunity to visit a few high end, end of life facilities, where people go to live out their waning years in style.

These facilities are much like a five star hotel where the staff is paid well to be nice, much like the staff of the Plaza Hotel in New York, or an exclusive country club.

The buildings on land are as graceful as cruise ships at sea.

There are hall-way get-together parties weekly, much like they have on cruise ships, nightly movies in a theater with no steps, preceded by dinner in elegant dining rooms where you dress in your finery, as you walk your walkers to your table, and pass a bevy range of parked Rolls Royces to Chevy walkers.

There are opportunities to be active every moment of the day, for the social entertainment director makes you feel wanted and taking a nap in your luxury condo style apartment makes you feel as though you will be missed.

Your refrigerator freezer is filled with left-over dogie bags of food for snacks from the previous night’s dinner in the posh dining rooms.

Jitney’s shuttle you from place to place with storage for your walkers.

If you want to take your dog with you for breakfast or lunch, you can dine outside with a bark or two.

All the amenities are available, golf, tennis, cards, croquet, lectures, courses, a library, physical fitness rooms and it is all up to you and your ability to execute what you are capable of , or not.

And if not does take place, there is another section of these high end facilities for you to go to before the final resting place.

In many respects it is reminiscent of the film comedy “Defending Your Life” with Albert Brooks and Meryl Streep where they both fall in love with each other in a science fiction passage after death and they are in an interim state where they must prove themselves before a jury in order to move on, or return to earth.

Streep is in a posh hotel and Brooks is in the equivalent of Motel 7 where you have to turn out the lights when you leave.  All can eat all they want.  It is much like these high end phase-out facilities, jitney’s take you everywhere, there is much to do, but it is a passage to somewhere else.  Streep moves on, Brooks is sent back to earth, but before both depart love wins out in this Hollywood performance and they both move on.

I think I would like to stay in place until the final passage fades to dark.

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