What’s Left Is The Lesser Of The Unpopulars


Trump, Clinton, Cruz

Washington DC (Storch Report) — It’s now not just the lesser of the evils to vote for, it’s also the lesser of the unpopular presidential candidates.

The lesser of the evils was most often the choice American’s were left to vote for after the power brokers of the Democratic and Republican Parties selected who the people should vote for.

You see there is little difference between the two parties, for the power brokers, who represent 1 % of the wealth in America, can live with either to maintain the current economics and that is their objective.  Delegates are in the bag before the primaries are even held e.g., Hillary Clinton.

The people then get to choose from what’s left, the lesser of two evils and the unpopular candidates that can be manipulated by the power brokers.

Yet we go through the machinations of who’s a lesser of two evils and who’s the most unpopular.

And, when it’s all over the vote of the people must be ratified by the Electoral College — it almost makes you wonder whether the people really have a vote.

President Obama was probably one of the most popular president’s to be elected to office in 2008 and in 2017 he will leave as the worst of two evils, and Americans picked the wrong one and proved to be the most unpopular ever, setting a trend for all of what is to come and what’s wrong in America.

It is interesting how it took him 8 years to achieve the evil and unpopular labels for himself while our present candidates from both parties are doing it to themselves in less time and before anyone is elected.

The leading Republican candidate, Donald Trump, has a 67% unfavorable rating among all voters.

Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton has a 52% unfavorable rating, but her untrustworthy rating soars to more than 60%  as a result of charges against her for having a private server in her house and using private emails and is now under investigation by the FBI for possible criminal acts and indictment.  But most believe, the Obama fix is in to absolve her, so his own legacy stays intact and has a successor that will continue his failed policies.

Ted Cruz, second in the GOP polls, is unfavorably viewed by 51% of voters.

But it is Trump that scores badly among women by 75% and scores worse among Hispanics 85% and not much better among Blacks.

It is not the first time that candidates turn off voters, but the trend is getting worse.  And, when the people realize they have had little to say about the selection of a candidate and their vote is less meaningful than they thought and the power brokers of the 1% of the wealthy control the nation, they think less of the Democracy in which they thought they were living.







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