Whatever Happened To Yesterday . . .

         Washington DC (Storch Report)   Today if you voted for Trump you’re a racist.

            If you didn’t vote for Clinton you’re sexist.

            And, if you like the American Flag you’re political, not a patriot.

            I knew my parents were Republicans, they voted for Wendel Willkie, we had Willkie buttons in our house.  I never met anyone named Wendel, but I never forgot his name.  He didn’t win.

            But my parents never talked politics, I didn’t even know the difference between a Democrat and a Republican.  People were just my friends.

            I was shy growing up, I liked baseball and girls but my shyness didn’t help with the latter.  I eventually grew out of that.  I was considered normal for a boy . . .  I don’t know what I would be considered today.

            In retrospect my parents weren’t wealthy, after all I was born in the depths of the Depression, and today they would have been given a cell phone by President Obama, but I’m sure they would still be Republicans.

            I was seven when World War II broke out, that was a patriotic and romantic war, if a war can be called the latter.

            I never saw another one that was, romantic.  I know because I became an amateur historian buff of this war.

            There was politics behind that war, too bad the politicians that came along thereafter failed to learn anything from it, because they continued to make the same mistakes many times thereafter with wars they tried to call something else.

            I went on to college, there were no protests, the American Flag flew over our campus.  There were values, students wanted to achieve, veterans came back from the war and got an education on the GI Bill.

            There was freedom of speech on the campuses through-out the United States – any point of view was accepted and tolerated.

            It was a time of peace, Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower eventually became President.

            Whatever happened to yesterday, I have checked my GPS and it can’t take me back to those times, instead I get a fast forward to the Twilight Zone and beyond only to find protests accelerating to violence, the American Flag not flying and freedom of speech not being allowed on college campuses today.

            We have come from a period where Democrats freely mingled with Republicans to a place where divisiveness prevails brought about by a previous administration’s racist culture pinning blacks against whites and encouraging such groups as ‘black lives matter’ as though all lives don’t matter.

            From Notre Dame, Berkeley to Wellesley, freedom of speech is curtailed unless it contains politically correct messages from the hard left.  Conservative authors and lecturers David Horowitz and Ann Coulter were both invited to speak at Berkeley and their invitations were withdrawn by the faculty for fear of violence by the students.

            Security is the lefts new form of avoiding the right from speaking on their campuses, because it’s not safe.  They told Coulter that April 27 would not be safe for her to speak, but May 2 would be okay.  She will be showing up April 27 to speak.

            They call themselves anti-fascists, but the outcome is a fascism result with violence, campus damage, and persons injured.

            Hillary Clinton, a former alumna of Wellesley, is welcomed as a commencement speaker, but Vice President Mike Pence is not at Notre Dame.  It was always a tradition at Notre Dame that the President was invited as a commencement speaker, but this year President Trump’s invitation was by passed for what the administration must have thought was more acceptable to the students, the vice president, but they were wrong about that too.

            The student’s uproar has escalated, at least two senior students are now claiming that his presence on campus will make them feel “unsafe,” and others were photographed with white board quotations saying Pence was a “racist, sexist, homophobic and xenophobic.”

            From college campuses to Congress hate now replaces any form of respect for another point of view.

            It is the direct cause of the violence we see today in the streets of America and on the elitists college campuses of America where progressive liberalism is taught without tolerance or acceptance of another point of view.

            Liberal college professors have been known to teach and profess that ‘it’s a good thing to hate people you disagree with.’

            Freedom of speech is being threatened and if that is the case so is the Constitution.

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  1. Llamamia says:

    Ah…yesterday. “There is nothing so constant as change.”
    Unfortunately, it’s not always for the better.

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