What Is Obama’s Motive Behind Never Letting A Good Crisis Go To Waste?

AnimusWashington DC (Storch Report) — Never let a good crisis go to waste, is a philosophy that has been attached to the Obama administration since its existence and when the embers of a crisis die down the president, like an Alinsky  community organizer, reignites the flames.

It’s sad, but this administration seems to thrive on crises after crises, distraction after distraction from the issues it faces do to its own ideology and policies, brought on by itself, resulting in discord after discord both domestically and globally because of a lack of direction, strategy and leadership.

This ideology is not inherent in our nation, it is not inherent in our democracy nor in our Constitution, but it is embedded in the Obama administration policies which have led to cover-ups on a national and international level.

A prime and current example is how President Obama has virtually destroyed, or is on the verge of doing so, a once positive relationship with an important Allie in the Middle East and is continuing to fuel the flames of animus between himself and Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu who is fighting for the survival of his nation while Obama is fighting for a liberal ideology of supporting a treaty between two neighboring states while negotiating a Nuke deal with Israel’s enemy Iran, who has vowed to destroy the country and is supporting terrorists activities from within Palestine against Israel.

It often appears, to even liberals in the United States that Obama’s polices tend to favor the Islam ideology, over yes, the beliefs of the people of United States and Israel.

The rift began long before Congress invited Netanyahu to speak before a joint session of the House and Senate over the objections of the president, when Obama sought a two state treaty between Palestine and Israel, but escalated when Netanyahu lobbied the Congress against Obama’s nuke deal with Iran.

Now it has taken on the word ‘Frenenemy’ before the two heretofore Allies.

When the Middle East is falling in the hands of ISIS, as we are downsizing US military presence in the Middle East, Obama is tinkering with virtually the only Allie we have in this region of the world and is so doing with arrogant disdain and an ideology that is not clear to Americans, least of all our global Allies, lacking a strategy, and appears to be placing the world in further danger by paving a pathway to Nuclear conflagration.














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