What Happened To The Journalism Of Yesterday?

Washington DC (Storch Report) – As a journalist in the 50’s and 60’s, I am appalled at today’s left wing mainstream journalism where there is little use of facts, truth be dammed, sources are always anonymous and balance in the media is a reporter flacking the cause of progressivism.

Journalists today are for the most part flacks, that’s what they call public relations persons hawking a cause, product or Hollywood starlet.

Nothing has proven this to be truer than the media calling for less transparency in disclosing the FISA memo, which has revealed corruption at the highest levels of the Justice Department and the FBI because it reflects badly on the Obama administration under which it all started. 

What happened to the days of Watergate, and Pentagon Papers journalism?

What happened to the press that wanted to get an exclusive uncovering corruption, whether it be on the local, State or Federal level of government?

Where are the investigative reporters of today seeking out bureaucratic deep state bias and criminal acts of corruption?  They sure didn’t find it when it came to, ‘Fast and Furious,’ the ‘IRS,’ or ‘Benghazi.’

I always thought journalism was supposed to be a check and balance on our Democracy, not a cause for one progressive political party?

And now, they want to cover it up, having called for the FISA memo not to be released because the facts reflect badly on progressives.

Oh, but the New York Times, the bastion of liberal journalism, and a publication arm of the progressive party put its spin on the FISA memo in an op-ed piece on Feb. 2, 2018 by Asha Rangappa, here’s and excerpt:

“The move is nakedly partisan, and it certainly seems as if Republicans are trying to discredit the investigation into Russia’s 2016 election meddling.  The Republicans, members of the House Intelligence Committee, refused to share the memo with their Senate counterparts.  And they also rejected a bid to release a Democratic rebuttal at the same time as the memo. (This is not true, there is a process for releasing such a memo and Democrats, did not and has not, followed that process.)

“The memo is a shame.” the op-ed went on to say. “But those on the left denouncing its release should realize that it was progressive and privacy advocates over the past several decades who laid the groundwork for the Nunes memo – not Republicans.  That’s because the progressive narrative has focused on an assumption of bad faith on the part of the people who participate in the FISA process, not the process itself.”

Yes, and that’s what the Republican’s found, no matter who laid the groundwork, it certainly wasn’t the progressive main stream media that uncovered it.

The Democratic rebuttal should be revealed as Nunes memo was so there is complete transparency for the pubic to see including unclassified material from the FBI as well as the Justice Department.

After more than a year of a special prosecutor and a team of investigators, no collusion has been found between the Trump campaign and now the presidency, but collusion and bias were found between the FBI, the Justice Department, the Democratic Party, candidate Hillary Clinton and Russia in order to get a FISA warrant for surveillance on Trump.

The ‘shame’ is not the memo, it’s the mainstream media for not doing its job.






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