What Commander In Chief Sends Military Into A War Zone As Non-Combatants?

Obama in ChinaBeijing, China (Storch Report) — The answer to the question in the top headline: A weak one!

All policies or executive orders, which there appears to be more to come,  by President Obama point towards an Alinsky philosophy to bring about change by diminishing global power and wealth redistribution of a nation.

This weakness is recognized globally as demonstrated by Russia and China, recently excising their military muscle.

Meanwhile the mainstream media in the United States fail to recognize what is taking place in their own nation before their liberal journalistic opaque eyes.

The anchor of NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ Chuck Todd lauded Obama as an anthropologist by further reducing US  emissions of greenhouse gases while getting no compromise from China, the worst world-wide polluter, who had to call-off vehicular traffic in Beijing because their residents couldn’t see to drive prior to Obama’s arrival.

The liberal main-stream media accept the Kool Aid the Obama administration hands out and passes it along to the people, lies and all, recently disclosed by the architect of Obamacare three times and considers the US electorate ‘stupid.’

The public now knows that Obama’s signature health care legislation was based upon lies and they rammed through Obamacare believing the nation was in fact ‘stupid.’  Nancy Pelosi had it right all along, “You have to pass it to find out what’s in it.”

Now it is being reported that Obama will use an executive order to grant, in effect, amnesty for 4.5 million illegals, violating the laws of the nation.

Despite the fact that he was soundly repudiated at the polls during the recent mid-term elections, nevertheless he is setting the tone for his last two years and doing so before the GOP has control of Congress.

An act that will surely be taken before the Supreme Court because it is unconstitutional.

It is obvious that this is not a way to govern a nation nor to send our military into a war zone, but it is what a community organizer does when philosophic liberal Alinsky politics is the primary goal.

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