What And Who Do We Believe?


Climate Conference Lunch

Paris (Storch Report) — If we listen to President Obama fish will be swimming in the streets of Miami, climate warming is more of a threat to the world than ISIS, who he says is ‘contained’; but if you believe his Secretary of Defense, Ashton B. Carter, ISIS is more of an immediate threat to the world than climate warming and if you believe his Joint Chief of Staff Gen. Joseph F. Dunford, ISIS is not ‘contained.’

Columnist, author and Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer and author commentator, Newt Gingrich have labeled Obama ‘delusional’ and Gov. Chris Christie, GOP presidential candidate of NJ, says Obama lives in another world.

Obama says no ‘boots on the ground,’ Hillary Clinton the leading Dem presidential candidate mimics him and neither one can identify the enemy they are not fighting; but then as though he forgot what he was saying Obama announces yesterday he’s sending 200 special op forces to Iraq to capture or kill ISIS leaders.  Perhaps he is sending them with sandals rather than boots?

Mendacity runs a-muck in US politics as conflict is disclosed within the Obama administration giving evidence to the public that no one’s talking to each other.

Now all of this comes to a head this week as nearly 150 World leaders gathered in Paris for a two week climate conference to discuss climate warming and as Obama said showed ISIS the global resolve ‘rebuking’ the radical Islamic terrorist massacre in this city of lights two weeks before killing 130 and injuring scores of others.

If Obama thinks he is fighting ISIS with climate warming I guess he is ‘delusional.’

It is a climate conference of extraordinary hypocrisy where nothing happens and few believe what they are espousing.  They dine in pricey restaurants and rest at luxury five-star hotels all at taxpayer monies.

They gather for photo ops that have little purpose other than to provide them to the media to justify the dire predictions of tomorrow’s oncoming global warming — only 3 % of the people in the US believe climate warming is of high priority — nevertheless Obama says we will be fishing in the streets of Miami if we don’t address it now, and perhaps fighting off ISIS at Disney World.

The irony behind all of the hot air expended for naught is what the attendees leave behind in the form of a carbon footprint.

Air travel has been described as the most serious environmental sin.  Obama doesn’t travel lightly.  Air Force One, burns about 5 gallons of jet fuel for every mile it covers.  Aviation fuel releases about 21 gallons of carbon into the atmosphere per gallon, which means President Obama’s 7,656-mile round-trip to Paris burns 38,280 gallons of fuel, and leaves behind 803,880 pounds of carbon into the biosphere, according to Breitbart.  Then theirs Obama’s motorcade, described as being larger than anything fielded by crowned royals.

Wired Magazine came up with an estimate of 50,000 attendees at the Paris talks, traveling an average of 9,000 miles round-trip apiece, burning 27 million gallons of jet fuel along the way, then adding in sundry ground emissions, the total carbon footprint works out to 300,000 tons of CO2, or over 23,000 times the carbon emissions of an average American for an entire year.

President Obama rationalized all of this away by telling us this conference was another way of fighting ISIS.








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