Venice Fl Bayfront Regional Health Fails Crisis Management 101


Venice Hospital

Venice Fl (Storch Report) — Venice Regional Hospital has not only failed crisis management 101, it has let down the community it pledged to serve by not being honest.

Honesty builds credibility yet after some two years of sewage leakage at this 60-year-old facility, subjecting patients to potential infections, it once again failed to disclose another incident on Feb. 22, 2016, which it reported to the Florida State Health Department, but not the community it serves.

This was seven days after I had an invasive procedure on an out-patient basis at this hospital.  I had previously heard of the negative publicity at this hospital and inquired of my health care providers about the safety at this facility and was assured that they had turned their act around as a result of government investigations and controls.

Apparently this was not, nor is the case.

The hospital administration once again stone-walled a serious violation a week after my procedure.

This does not provide me with any confidence in this institution, nor should it the rest of the community.  According to a story in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune reported on March 6, 2016, the Venice Hospital reported on Feb. 22, 2016, to the State, another sewage water back-up overflowing through a ceiling into a room of a cardiac patient recently recovering from an invasive procedure.  Apparently, two showers also overflowed impacting two patient rooms in the cardiac rehab area,

The incident was not reported to the community.

When contacted by a reporter from the Herald Tribune, Community Health Systems spokesperson Bob Hite said, “Venice Regional has not experienced another sewage leak.  The hospital dealt with two minor maintenance issues last week,” Hite insisted.  “In one instance, water backed up causing two showers to overflow, impacting two patient rooms and the cardiac rehab area.  The event was not unlike what a homeowner or guest in a hotel might experience.  There was no interruption to inpatient care.” 

There was no reference to the leakage from the ceiling, as though it was not referenced to the State Department in the hospital’s letter, nor the cardiac patient that had to be removed from his room.

In 2015 the sewage problem surfaced at Venice Hospital where it again was leaking from the ceiling, rodents were uncovered and condensation was dripping from an air conditioner system into food prep areas in the kitchen.

The four-story 312-bed facility dates back to 1955, is owned by CHS, a for-profit hospital system.  It was once a non-profit hospital.

Since its sewage and infrastructure problems it has had a change in management, but apparently it hasn’t learned much about crisis management or transparency.





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  1. Charlie D says:

    Thanks for raising awareness of the mess that is currently Venice Hospital. It seems all too common these days for corporate interests to hide important safety issues from the public. Kudos to Sarasota County for closing Venice Library due to mold issues BEFORE folks get sick. Seems like raw sewage problems are far worse, especially in a facility where people are already sick. Only an informed public can make appropriate decisions. Kudos to you for spreading the word in your column.

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