US Continues To Tone Down Its Rhetoric As A Growing Fear Of ISIS Terrorism Takes Hold In America



New York (Storch Report) — New York City Mayor Bill deBlasio calls a bomb placed in a dumpster in the Chelsea section of Manhattan that goes off last night busting windows, felt by residents for blocks and injuring 29 people, one critically, an ‘intentional’ act, but not ‘terror.’ 

If one were making a bomb with a timer, and place it in a dumpster would it be for unintentional purposes?

The bomb that went off in Chelsea was a homemade IED, a second device was found in a pressure cooker, similar to the Boston Marathon bombing, a few blocks away but did not explode.

US passive progressive politicians from the White House to the Mayor’s office in New York continue to refuse to identify the enemy as ISIS as they take a defensive position with the invaders, passively treating terror as ‘criminal acts’ toning-down rhetoric to the point they are running out of words while ISIS has a presence in each of our States diagnosed as a Cancer metastasizing to our cities.

We call them ‘lone wolves’ forgetting they run in packs, or ‘home grown terrorists’ as though there was a difference from a foreign grown terrorist. With all of the illegal aliens being allowed into the United States by the Obama administration, how would we know who’s who and does all of this really matter, people are dying, injured, and being maimed by radical Islamic terrorism.  Stop pussy footing around the issue and surgically cut it out.

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump, after being briefed, said in response to the NY bombing- “A bomb went off in NY — we’ve got to get very tough”

Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, looking haggard, also after being briefed said, “We need to do everything we can to support our first responders. We have to pray for the victims.”

That toned down rhetoric has even reached the media and that sensational Fox News reporter Geraldo Rivera, who wanted to be at the scene this morning doing his own ‘home grown’ analysis rather than in the studio said it looked to him as ‘terror vandalism.’  What is ‘terror vandalism?’ Perhaps the administration might hold a rhetoric contest to see how many words we can come up with that would avoid using what the enemy has declared upon us –‘war.’

Yesterday a pipe bomb exploded in Seaside Park New Jersey where a Marine charity run was to be held.  The fun-run was held up briefly for other reasons and was off schedule.  It was a fortunate delay for the runners for a pipe bomb in a trash can blew-up just at the time runners would have gone by if they left on time. No one was injured — by happen stance.

And in a mall in St. Cloud Mn there was a mass stabbing by a knifeman dressed as a security guard slashed 8 shoppers while yelling Allah.

I think the next step the Obama administration should take in his actions against ‘criminal acts’ is to ban the sale of pressure cookers, require background checks before selling knives and hammers and place warning labels on each.




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