Uphold The Constitution Not Political Correctness



Washington DC (Storch Report) — Racism is being fueled, free speech is being curbed, the right to bear arms is being threatened and the executive branch of the government is attempting to rule by dictatorship.

It’s time once again for Americans to stand up for the Constitution of the United States and reinforce support for this document, which is the foundation of America, like at no other period of time in recent history.

Today we have politicians that are elected to office by ‘We the People’ who swear under an oath of office to uphold the Constitution of the United States and shortly after taking their hand off the bible commit perjury.

It is time for ‘We the People’ to hold these public servants we vote into office accountable by exercising our rights of free speech under the first amendment, and the right to bear arms under the second amendment, rights which are being eroded by progressive liberals from the White House to college campuses.

It is time for the growing culture of progressive liberal ‘political correctness’ to be debunked and the basis for our democracy the constitution, which has withstood the test of time, be upheld with nationwide support.  And if those illegal immigrants who are here as criminals don’t like the laws of this country they are welcome to return from whence they came.

It is time for lawlessness by executive order by the President of the United States to be abandoned.  The constitution was created to govern with a check and balance by three branches of government: legislative, judicial and executive.  This system was created to prevent any one branch from creating a dictatorship, or monarchy, which President Obama has been brought to task for on more occasions than any previous presidents by the judicial branch.  Most recently for his executive order and policy on immigration, which he now threatens to take to the Supreme Court.

Fortunately, this will take place after he is out of office.

With respect to the second amendment, the right to bear arms, ‘We the people’ should be asking our government why Homeland Security and the Environmental Protection Agency is armed as well as our United States military while the president is trying to implement policies to curb the right of Americans to bear arms? Could this be the reason our founding fathers included in the Constitution the right to bear arms by ‘We the People’ to protect ourselves from the government we vote into office?

This progressive liberalism, which I would identify today as Obamaism because it is a culture fueled by the White House, Obama policies, and rhetoric that has now infiltrated college campuses throughout the United States.

Nothing demonstrates this more than students at Yale University calling for politically correct Halloween costumes. Somehow, I seem to remember a time when students went to college to learn, not to preach cultural tolerance or tell the professors they need diversity training.  What happened to discipline, respect or an understanding of the constitution, which they should have a knowledge of at this stage in their educational development?

If this scene wasn’t bad enough, students at the University of Missouri forced a president to resign over charges of racism supported by a predominantly black football team with a 4-5 record refusing to play their next game if the president didn’t resign.  I doubt if the same team would have made that same threat with a 5 and 0 record.

After this incident on the same campus, police sent out a notice to students to report any ‘hurtful’ messages they might receive or hear.  ‘Hurtful?’ What happened to the right of free speech under the first amendment of the constitution?  What kind of a generation is this?  One that can’t have their feelings hurt?  What kind of a generation are we raising, certainly not one that could serve in the military to protect a nation’s security with such sensitive ‘feelings.’

What we have seen on these two campuses are policies of progressive liberalism and the infiltration of a culture of an imperial presidency, which has failed to adhere to the oath taken to uphold the constitution.  Actually, it is a Marxist tactic that has been used before in history as a useful visit for an unlawful cause. It is a form of liberal tyranny, a leftist movement to destroy the first amendment. 

This culture and the policies this president has tried to execute by executive order has not only had a negative effect on domestic policies, including the economy but has also had a deleterious effect on the security of our nation with respect to foreign policies.

It is time for ‘We the People’ to reinforce our support for the Consitution and protect against lawlessness at every level of governorship.











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