Two Tier Justice System In US; There Are The Clinton’s, And The Others


Loretta Lynch AG

Washington DC (Storch Report) –Attorney General Loretta Lynch might as well have taken the Fifth, for she refused to answer 74 questions asked of her yesterday before the House Judiciary Committee about Hillary Clinton’s private email server and the decision by the FBI to clear her of any wrong doing for which Lynch announced she would rubber stamp days before a decision was rendered.

After holding a secret ‘social’ meeting with former president Bill Clinton on the tarmac of the Phoenix airport with all the appearances of impropriety while his wife was under FBI investigation, she decided she would accept the FBI Director James Comey’s recommendation rather than recuse herself from any decision making in this case, sidestepping her oath of office.

Perception is reality and the optics of a rigged decision for Clinton didn’t get any better yesterday with the lack of Lynch’s transparency.  She referred virtually all questions asked to the FBI as though she did not read the recommendation, nor had any knowledge of the case whatsoever.

Comey called Clinton’s use of a private email server ‘extremely careless’ equal to ‘gross negligence’ and a violation of the law, yet he cleared her of all charges.

Chairman of the Committee Bob Goodlatte R, Va., said the conclusion not to pursue charges, “defies logic and the law.”

Rep. Jason Chaffetz R, Utah, said to Lynch “I think you’re sending a terrible message to the world.  The lack of clarity that you give to this body is pretty stunning.”

The entire case has lacked clarity, transparency, and the optics couldn’t have been worse for projecting a two tier system of justice.  If perception is reality and the perception is wrong, correct it with transparency, otherwise only the players that participate in the prevailing perception have themselves to blame.

In an ABC News/Washington post poll 56% of Americans disagreed with the FBI’s recommendation not to pursue charges against Clinton. Only 35% approved.

It became apparently clear that the Clinton’s were, and have been, in the tier of a two tier justice system that spares them jail time.



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