Trying To Make Hillary Likable And Trustworthy



Philadelphia (Storch Report) — The Dems spent four days trying to make Hillary Clinton as likable and trustworthy as the Pillsbury Doughboy, and it was now time for her to speak to help her own cause, she did, fell flat on her nose, her husband, Bill, fell asleep and that put a wrap on the week’s DNC convention. 

I would have found something nice or even good in her speech to be fair, but I couldn’t to be honest.

Oh, her daughter, Chelsea gave a great introduction of her mother, it was elegant, articulate with a charming, but slow, delivery with the kind of rhetoric you would expect a daughter to say of her mother.

But, Hillary, by far, gave the worst speech of the week, going down in history as the first female nominee for president of the United States.

During the first part of the week the Dems brought in all the usual suspects:

  • There was first lady Michelle Obama who told us in behalf of her husband how great he made America and it was not necessary for Trump to make it any better
  • They brought out Nancy Pelosi who told her audience about the three G’s, God, Gays and Guns, the reasons uneducated people will vote for Trump
  • Tim Kaine, the VP nominee bashed Trump and tried to impersonate him with the words, ‘Believe me’ and gave the second worst speech of the week
  • Bill Clinton then gave an opus of an unbelievable love story between him and Hillary, that could only be believed by millenniums, winning the disingenuous award of the week
  • Veep Biden pulled one out of the hat and knocked it out the park bashing Trump and lauding Hillary
  • Then there was Obama who told his audience that Hillary was more qualified to be president than he or her husband Bill, two families that have really enjoyed each other’s company over the years
  • During the week they pulled-out the usual starlets from Hollywood including two of my favorite performers, Carole King and Paul Simon; unfortunately both performed badly, with Paul taking the prize singing ‘Bridge Over Troubled Waters,’ which he found himself flailing in

The irony of Bill Clinton’s closure of going nighty night in the middle of his wife’s historic speech was that the video was shot by liberal leaning ABC while Tim Kaine, the VP nominee, was sitting alongside the once Doughboy dozing.  Kaine noticed the camera took a look at Bill and put his head between the camera and the ex-president.

I thought it was a perfect closure to a horrific opening of a perfect convention where the DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, was fired before the convention began. Over what?  You guessed it, hacked emails disclosing the appearance of a rigged process to make Clinton the presidential nominee over Sanders. And the DNC called the RNC Convention that took place a week earlier, Kabuki Theater! 

PS: I suppose Hillary’s Convention speech is what you get when you don’t pay for it.




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