Truth Without Bias Is Impossible To Tell As A Journalist


It was the Donald, as in President Trump that drew to the nation’s attention ‘Fake News’ in a ‘Tweet’ of 140 characters.

There was nothing new in what he said, it wasn’t a revelation, but it was coming from the bully pulpit of a presidential candidate, a president elect and a president, so it was news.

Few of us can disagree that we haven’t seen ‘Fake News’ reported by the media of yesterday, today and won’t read or hear more of it tomorrow.

Reporting ‘the News’ is not complicated.  It has always been based upon the simplicity of the tenets of: Who, What, Where, When, Why and sometimes How.

Answer the questions, put it into an interesting narrative with a compelling  lead, draw the reader into the story, tell the truth and you have done your job as a journalist.

However, examine that sentence, an ‘interesting narrative’ a ‘compelling lead’ and ‘draw the reader into the story’ and enter the bias of the story teller.

If that’s all that was being done today we would be a fortunate nation, but that is not what is being propagated by the left wing progressive media that is the fuel that fires the hatred,  hysteria and the untruthful hyperbole of today’s news.

Today’s media is forgetting it’s role as a protector of the first amendment, a protector of the constitution, a check and balance to a nation that is tempted by greed, corruption and those that would bring harm to America.

Their role should be higher than the business it actually represents.  Yes, it is a business, and in order for it to survive it needs to make money.  The media has been in trouble financially for sometime trying to adjust to the complexities of today’s technology.  It is not an early adapter, it is slow in adjusting to change as has been witnessed, however, it is making a serious mistake by stepping out of it’s true role in reporting the news with truth and limiting it’s bias.

Bias is part of every story you read, hear or see.

It is influencing your thinking, the politics of the world, the economy, our culture, the relationship of countries and is being directed by the power brokers of the day with a specific intent of controlling the media.

The media should not be playing a role in these politics, one way or the other, they should be reporting the news with as little bias as possible.  After all they are an important check and balance of our Democracy under the constitution and they should live-up to that charge.

They need to return to the tenets of good journalism.

It appears that the news media’s motives today go beyond the tenets of good journalism, good business and survival and are incorporated into the political direction of a nation, for which they should not have a role in every story and their multi-media presentations.

I recently reviewed a book a friend gave to me many years after I left journalism and joined the corporation as a PR person for the money I couldn’t earn as a reporter.

The book was called, “A Treasury of Great Reporting,” by Louis L. Snyder and Richard B. Morris first written in 1949 and republished in 1962 by Simon Schuster.

My friend said  in a note on the inside cover as he passed the book on to me, “Take this and use it when life in the Crystal Palace get’s you down.”

The book delivered the writings of Defoe, Dickens and Kipling to Earnest Hemingway, John Gunther, Marguerite Higgins and Quentin Reynolds.

As the book said, it covered a collection of nearly 300 classic examples of ‘literature under pressure.’

The stories ranged in time from the report of a witch’s trial and conviction in 1587 to the 1961 trial of Adolf Eichmann.

It would be worth the time of the power brokers of journalism today to review this book and see what journalism once was, and should be again.

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