Truth-Tellers,There Are Few Among Us


What Difference Doe It Make HillaryWashington DC (Storch Report) — English is a complex language with multiple meanings to multiple words.
English should be spoken in the United States by legal immigrants to America and US citizens.

English can prove to be as slippery in its use as in its receivership of understanding because double meanings of an orator that knows how to use the words can be as confusing to how a financial analyst might use numbers to lie or tell the truth.

One could also attach words to how an individual might earn his living such as a politician v a used car salesman. 

I believe polls rank the used car salesman above the politician with respect to honesty, and that’s not saying much.

Truth is an important word in our nation and it should be taken seriously,

Unfortunately this is not the case for the elitist in the United States.

Dishonesty is practiced by the elitists of both political parties and they can appear by the very events taking place before our eyes to escape justice because the criminality and the corruption they perpetuate make them part of same elite club, as well as those elitists that support the status quo for a quid pro quo.

You and I can go to jail for not telling the truth.  Apparently they can’t.  Slippery politicians with built-in connections to the powerful, rhetoric that cons the public, attorneys that are as slippery as the politicians they represent — much like attorneys that represent the Mafia — and accountants that crunch the numbers to make them appear like the truth, are not practicing honesty.

Truth is a simple word, even the Boy Scouts know what it means, and they don’t have to be an Eagle Scout.

Truth can be confused with sophisticated words such as, mendacity, duplicity and disingenuous; however, if the character of a person represents these words, looks like Pinocchio you can bet its a lair of a politician.

There were two orators that passed through this world that are quoted more than any other.

One was an elitist Winston Churchill, the other was a common man, middle class, a professional baseball player from across the pond and a non-elitist, named Yogi Berra.

Both were truth-tellers.

It is interesting to make this comparison, because Yogi is the most quoted orator of the two.

The nation is about to select a president, one is an elitist, Hillary Rodham Clinton, with 25 years of political scandals and corruption behind her, she is not a truth-teller, her policies follow her disciple President Obama, both of whom have made America what it is today, not a bastion of greatness that it was.

Her opponent is an outsider, not part of the elite, not a politician, perhaps a Yogi, and a truth teller by the name Donald Trump who wants to Make America Great Again.

You see it does make a difference and so do words, from my perspective, I will always vote for the Truth. 










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