Truth Should Prevail In A Democracy


Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton meets with local residents at the Jones St. Java House, Tuesday, April 14, 2015, in LeClaire, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)Washington DC (Storch Report) — We only need to look to history to realize that honesty is a critical trait to being a leader.

However, politics or those defined as politicians elected to public office is a character trait synonymous with dishonesty. 

And, there is good reason for this perception, for too many politicians have lived up to their deserved image of being untrustworthy.

It is no wonder that we the people don’t trust politicians, but that shouldn’t be an excuse for us to not require politicians to be honest, and challenge them when they are not.

All we need to do is reflect upon the administration of President Richard Nixon to understand the importance of honesty and the dangers of cover-ups to hide lies.

This requires voters, legal citizens, not illegal aliens, to exercise their right to vote out of office those politicians who are not honest and to not put in office those perceived to be dishonest that participated in cover-up’s throughout their alleged public service.

We are living in a very dangerous period of time, where trust should be challenged by every action of today’s politicians.

We are apparently living in a very ambivalent period of time, a poor reflection of who we are.  Political correctness appears to be more important than honesty.

The Obama administration and his Alinsky philosophy has effectively influenced our culture by executive order unconstitutionally.  That’s what took place in 1933 in Germany by the Nazis. The Germans were ambivalent to what was going on, much as Americans are now behaving.

Who’s to say what was going on then is not going on in America now as a result of a cultural change of redistribution of wealth and the restructuring of society within our communities in order to correct perceived racial injustices of the past?

We are now debating in Congress an inane Obama contrived nuclear deal with an untrustworthy nation of Iran, an enemy, that should require the approval of Congress, but because it is some form of executive action and not a treaty it will be a given for what Obama perceives as his legacy.

Obama has proven unquestionably that he is not a Commander in Chief, least of all a leader of a nation or the free world.  He doesn’t even have a strategy for defeating America’s enemy, ISIS.  He refuses to even identify terrorism, or call it by its name when it occurs before his very eyes, least of all call it for what it is, radical Islamic terrorism.  Perhaps it has something to do with his heritage?

Political correctness is a culture in which Obama is comfortable. He only has a few months to do further damage to a nation and the world and then historians can analyse and assess his legacy to determine the nation’s setbacks.

However, sitting in the wings to be the next president is but another liberal progressive-Alinsky disciple, Hillary Clinton; one with the genetic DNA fault of dishonesty, participating in the Benghazi cover-up along with Obama that killed 4 Americans; a do-nothing Secretary of State, and now a wannabe candidate for President who is in the midst of a scandal for moving classified information via email over her own private server and then deleting the data.  A presidential candidate with possible criminal charges looming.

Truth can prevail if citizens call for it and support the constitution of the United States.

Oh, and don’t forget you have a vote, for what that may be worth these days if you no longer have to prove you are a citizen.  That vote could be negated many times over by illegal aliens.  Obama has allowed 2.5 million illegal aliens into the US since he has been president.






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