Trust No One



New York (Storch Report) –The cartoon says it all, “Sure glad the hole is not at our end.”

Four millenniums in a boat that represents society today.

Yes, it’s been a ‘me’ generation and has been for some time.

History has bypassed this generation by liberal design because they don’t teach it anymore –history — so they never heard of the ‘greatest generation.’

Those two blokes at the bow of this boat don’t realize they are going down with the boat if they don’t help out.

It is symbolic of today’s so called millenniums, a word I rather dislike, basically because of what it represents.  They don’t even respect the symbolism of the flag, nor do they stand up for the National Anthem that gives them the right to do what they blindly do without knowledgeable historical perspective.

You see the two in the back of the boat are trying to save themselves, not the two on the bow.  And the two on the bow are glad the two at the stern are working for what ever reason to save them without any effort on their own.

It is a sick scene, a sad scene, but a scene of today’s political correctness of aberrant behavior.

It is fostered by our current leaders with the purpose of stirring up conflict, crime in our urban cities mostly among blacks, yet we have a black President Obama who does little to curb the violence of blacks against blacks in his hometown where more deaths occur than in the world’s war zones.

Today the nation is confronted with the worst of two unlikable candidates for President of the United States.

One is an untrustworthy crook – Hillary – who should be in the Big House, least of all running for the White House, exonerated from any wrong doings, by a corrupt Obama White House, while her opposition runs, with support for a nation that wants change – Trump – but often becomes confused by a rhetoric of discombobulation.

The media in this millennium society are guilty of perpetrating first amendment crimes.

For they, for the most part, lack the same trust of Hillary Clinton, for they carry her liberal bag.

And so do the preponderance of today’s liberal Colleges, who don’t talk or teach about the greatest generation in our nation’s history.

It is a movement of multifactoral liberal fronts, much like an Alinsky design that Obama sanctions along with Clinton.

And, so what did we see today by the liberal bastion of the media, the New York Times, the mouthpiece of the Clinton campaign with an exclusive that declares, that Trump may have avoided paying taxes for two decades, only to find out that the New York Times didn’t pay any taxes at all in 2014.

And, as for  the millennium boys in the boat, I hope they figure out their society without sinking.













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