Trump’s Bluntness Is In Contrast To Obama’s Milksop Behavior Resonates


Trump Mouth open

South Carolina (Storch Report) —  Whether Donald Trump’s bluntness of rhetoric in running for president of the United States does anything for him to eventually becoming the GOP nominee for president time will tell, but his words are resonating among Americans.

Trump suggested that we shut down temporarily the entry of Muslims into the United States, a move that President Roosevelt did when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941 and included Germans and Italians.  Trump said we are at war.

He was vilified from every faction conceivable in America, the left the right the Dems the GOP, the White House, the media including, yes, the New York Times, for not being politically correct yet in the past 24 hours he received 18 hours of media coverage for what he had to say.

He once again got the attention for the way in which he said it.  If you parse the words, he only asked for a pause in the flow of Muslims into the United States.

I think this resonates, as it did in the days of President Roosevelt.

Keep in mind we have now had seven years of political correctness under President Obama who can’t identify the enemy as a radical Islamic terrorist while dropping bombs on them and taking out their leaders with drones.

Obama is a milksop president — one of weakness — projecting an ideology of his own design that, in my opinion, does not represent the constitution of the United States for which he himself has not demonstrated his support, ie 1st and 2nd amendment.

ISIS has succeeded because of hit and run successes, a different kind of war from past history. These have been successful for recruiting candidates for the jihad.  This is a failure of the Obama administration to properly identify.

Very simply, Trump has bluntly, presented the contrast that resonates with the people and he has done it with a language that communicates with the common man.  He is not complicated, complex and obviously not managed by operatives that classically are manuliptaing  DC politics in the Obama White House.

I spent 30 years as a crisis management consultant to corporations and am only passing along these observations now as a pundit for the benefit of America.  Trump is not my choice for president, but he is making a significant contribution of reality with rhetoric to our country that President Obama has failed to do, despite his silver tongue, in his 7 years in office.







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