Trump Tells The People What They Want To Hear With Plain Talk


Trump Rally in Dallas

Dallas TX  (Storch Report) — Donald Trump held a rally last night in Texas before 20,000, rode into town like the Mexican Poncho Villa, headed off the Republican field at the pass and trumped them once again with his plain talk, demonstrating why he is surging in the polls.

There are lessons to be learned from the Trump style, and it’s not getting bogged down in policy or substance.  His rhetoric resonates with the people, yes delivering his messages much like a water bug skirting the surface of concerns and addressing them without boring his audience with the details.  He tells them what he is going to do, whether he can eventually deliver or not of course is the question.  But America has been there before, with other politicians that failed to deliver their promises.

It is a style of being crass, critical to opponents personally, braggadocio extreme — it is a New York, Jackie Mason comic form of delivery.  He even calls himself an entertainer.

Whether it will play in Peoria is debatable.

Nevertheless, he played Dallas last night and drew a larger audience than the entire field of Republicans could collectively.

In his delivery he touches on all the hot buttons, focusing on immigration, leaves no principals out of the equation from Obama to Hillary and all in-between.  He doesn’t spare the media, countries, compatriots and let’s you know he is funding his own campaign and is beholden to no one and his audience appears to respond appreciatively.

It is unlike anything America has seen before on the political scene.

Political pundits have been projecting the Trump campaign as a circus, but it’s beginning to look like the real thing. 

updated 9/15/15




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