Trump Tells It Like It Is


Ryan & Trump

Washington DC (Storch Report) — The time for blunt rhetoric is now, it is a time for talking like the ‘person’ on the street — we would have said ‘man’on the street yesterday —  for it is the vernacular Donald Trump uses which is resonating with the people and most of today’s elite establishment are scratching their heads and wondering why this Trump Train is barreling down the tracks with such momentum.

Why is because that’s the way we speak, if not in public, behind closed doors of the Congress and the Ivy covered walls of sophistication.

However, in public the insiders speak with political correctness to disguise the way they really feel, because they think it is a softer and gentler way of delivering, what might be considered a harsh message.

I once had a CEO in a major corporation walk into my office and ask why it is that we have dialogue today rather than just talking to each other?

Newt Gingrich, appearing on a talk show this week, explained Trump talk with a metaphor.  He said if the State Department committed an outrageous blunder, as they frequently do, the politically correct politician would say, ” It was lacking in brilliance.”  Trump would say, “It was stupid.”

And so, the inside elite of the GOP controlled Congress in the name of the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, who got his marching orders yesterday from the ‘good old boys,’ will meet today to see if he can rein in the Donald’s tone and policies to conform with theirs.

You see the ‘insiders’ want to take a maverick who is connecting with the people and make him like them in the sake of Party unity.

It really isn’t unity they seek, it’s their jobs they fear of losing.

The words Ryan uses tomorrow, although politically correct, may very well be as phony as Trump’s opponent in the fall, Hillary Clinton. Although the Donald calls her ‘crooked,’ as most Americans believe, she is more likely ‘crooked and phony’ as she demonstrated when she was Secretary of State in the Obama administration.

I don’t think even Congress can extricate the Donald from the character that’s him, the rhetoric he has been using for 69 years, the accumulation of wealth he has amassed, nor the power that accompanies it. He is perceived as trouble by the wealthy elite who pull the strings of the political puppet politicians they control on both sides of the aisle.  It is they that want the status-quo, as they have had in both Parties.  If this were not so why would there be so many attempts by the establishment to thwart Trump’s strong position of a presumptive nominee?

Trump has defeated 16 competitors in his party, drawn 20,000 to 30,000 followers during each of his campaign events while his competitors, both Republicans and Democrats, were lucky to draw a crowd of a 1,000 and when he finishes and becomes the GOP nominee he will have more popular votes of any candidate, of either party, in the history of presidential elections in the US.

Trump tells it like it is, calls a spade a shovel, the man in the street seems to like it, if not the woman, and I don’t think even Congress will be able to extract the words from the mouth of the Donald in the name of unity.  Unity may well be what the people are rebelling against, because it hasn’t served them well in the past 10 years.




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