Trump Presidency Exposes Hatred Of Progressives, Main Stream Media Fake News, And More . . .

Washington DC (Storch Report) – Because of the nation’s decision for change a year ago, the character they voted into the presidency has revealed more about the way in which this democracy works than anyone wanted to know, and while doing so, made America better for the people than its been in decades. An outstanding achievement.

President Trump has exposed the Swamp of DC, albeit not by design, including the political corruption within the operations of our government, the hatred of progressives for conservatives and how the main stream liberal media flacks for the Progressive Party, providing a line of progressive talking points, or, fake news to the public.

Meanwhile the Progressives, operating under the nomenclature of Democrats, represent their constituency as obstructionists rather than constructive lawmakers for the people.

They call their Commander in Chief, a “racist, a jerk-off, crazy, insane, a traitor, a philander and a mental incompetent,” seeking his censorship and impeachment from office.

Meanwhile, the economy is booming, the stock market is soaring, unemployment is at its lowest rate in 16 years, business is returning to America, wages are going up and bonuses are being given out by employers and the Trump tax reform is returning dollars to the people, all of which is being ignored by progressives and its mainstream media arm, bent on delivering progressive talking points.

America is safer than it has been in decades because the administration is supportive of the military, providing the equipment and the budgets it needs to do its job. ISIS holds no land mass as it did under the Obama administration.

Name calling is in vogue among the poll’s more than ever since Trump had a not so nice a name for everyone that opposed him during the primaries and when he opposed Clinton, she was known as ‘crooked Hillary,’ – with more than a degree of validity – and when she lost to the Donald, she called everyone that voted for him, ‘deplorables.’

Rudeness and boorishness is Trump’s trademark, it works for him, but brings hatred and tears to progressives who are still sobbing a year after their loss.

Vindictiveness and obstruction is the progressives’ game plan.

One day after a recent bi-partisan meeting at the White House with Trump’s idea of transparency by allowing TV cameras to film the debate over DACA and immigration reform, the brouhaha erupted when the Dems asked for a another private meeting on the same subject in the Oval office.

At the open meeting Trump said he was ready to deal, with certain provisions, but the Dems came with an agenda, and at that closed meeting, Trump apparently responded by delivering some vulgar comments.

The meeting was private, but Sen Richard Durbin, a progressive who was there, took it upon himself to reveal what he heard, calling it vulgar and repeated what he said he heard.

Apparently, Trump referred to some countries as ‘S   Holes,’ such as countries in Africa, Haiti and El Salvador. (Note: The State Department suggests tourists not travel to El Salvador because it is dangerous, it is number one on the State Department’s list for no travel.)

What Trump was saying was that some countries are not as desirable as others to produce desirable people – or potential immigrants.

(I might point out here that Harvard is famous because it is selective.  They discriminate on their selection of students – they only select 5 % of their applicants and they take pride in the number of valedictorians they reject.)

Sen. Lindsey Graham said years ago in an open presentation in the Senate that America should not accept immigrants from places that are defined as, ‘hell holes’ he was not called a racist as Trump has been called for his private comments in the oval office.

(You could be stung by a bee today, blame it on Trump tomorrow, and a progressive would believe it, after all he has been blamed for the mistaken false alarm alert issued for an incoming ballistic missile from North Korea in Hawaii this weekend.)

The Dems intentionally threw a grenade this past week over harmless words to destroy the DACA deal and are now threatening to shut down the government, failing to fund the military in the process, as the obstructionists they are. 

When you examine what the Presidency of Donald Trump has exposed by just being elected to office, it is outstanding and makes Watergate pale in comparison.

Take for example the Trump Dossier, developed and paid for by an outside firm commissioned by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.

Evidence now shows that the Obama administration, allegedly used the Department of Justice and the FBI to use this political document to get a FISA warrant to implement a surveillance program on Donald Trump while he was a candidate for president.

This is a criminal act, but why should we be surprised?  After all this was the administration that brought us: the Uranium deal with Russia that now involves an indictment; Fast and Furious; the IRS scandal, Clinton e-mail scandals and pay for play with the Clinton Foundation; Benghazi; cooperation with Hesbollah to consummate the Iran deal and now illegal acts to commit surveillance crimes against US citizens.

Immigration reform in the US, from the progressive viewpoint, has been and is designed, if their plan prevails, to seek votes for power.

The progressive doesn’t give a damn for the plight of the immigrant, it’s just political rhetoric.

We must also remember America is no longer a melting pot, for we no longer live in the 1800’s and our needs with respect to immigration are different today than they were yesterday.  

And, so where do we net out with this world-wind of political nonsense, back to square one.

Four progressives plan to boycott Trump’s State of the Union as a result of his alleged remarks, as many did during Trump’s inauguration, and the rest of the Dems planning to attend will do so in black, taking a cue from Hollywood, their true constituents, and the Golden Globe Awards.

As Andrew Klavan, author and City Journal Editor, recently said, “Nothing scandalizes the left as the truth.”















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