Trump Now Sets News Agenda Of The Day


New York (Storch Report) — Once it was Drudge that set the news agenda for the day, now it’s president-elect Trump.

With 140 characters each morning on Twitter delivered directly to the public without the filter of the media, the president to-be sets the news agenda of the day.

No longer is it the Drudge Report.

Yesterday was a particularly newsy day and the Donald had multiple tweets in a short period of time, one of which was hardly relevant in relationship to the others on a score of 1 to 10, nevertheless it still scored.  And, it had to do with the trivia of a negative review of the performance of Arnold Schwarzenegger on the ‘Apprentice,’ of which Trump is executive producer.

How long this will go on after Trump is president, only time will tell —  but so far it is a stroke of genus.

With the success that it has had, and with the negative reaction that it has drawn from the left wing progressive media, I don’t see him walking away from a successful, creative communications tactic that reaches the people without media noise on the first past.

I would expect that with this 140 character degree of success, more is to come, with a possible modification of the daily White House press briefing schedule.  What this is to be will be a Trump revelation.

There hasn’t been a president in our history that hasn’t tried to control the flow of the messages from the White House that closely represents what they are actually saying without it being filtered by the media.

Look for multiple spokesperson messages to respond to the Tweets, a tactic Trump is currently employing as a trial balloon as president-elect.

It appears that Trump has found a cyber communications formula that previous presidents have sought.






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