Trump Must Defeat The Elitists Of His Own Party


TWEET: If the FBI was investigating Gen Mike Flynn for his ties to Russia during the Trump campaign for the presidency, how would it be possible for Trump Tower not to be under surveillance as President Trump alleges? 3/20/17

From the outset President Donald J. Trump was not a member of the elitists of the Republican Party, he was not a member of the Club, such as being a member of Yale’s Skull & Bones secret society.

Nor are many others of the Republican Party’s inner circle, although some may be or have been such as the Bush clan and former Secretary of State John Kerry, but others formed their own club, perhaps not as well known – they are all the elitists, or at least they think they are.

The Republican Party much like the Democratic Party is made-up of the good old boys, oh some girls slipped in, but they are not much of a factor, yet, nothing like Yale’s Skull & Bones.  Much of our society is like that, you will find it in elitists communities, island enclaves, business clicks, just read the obituaries of the wealthy that pass on and it will give you a history of the power brokers of their time.

Trump was never one of them – he was an interloper, of business fortune and success, he didn’t pay his dues and work within the system.  He never will be one of them, he is a maverick, an outsider, a non-politician playing by his own rules recognizing what the people of the nation want and need to survive.

He is a character out of the norm, brash, entertaining, charismatic, a playboy, a womanizer, married three times, but with a family unparalleled by most.

Nevertheless, he now finds himself the President of the United States and it turns out that his worst enemy is his own party, not that the Democrats are lagging far behind in their own form of negativity and obstruction.

He is much like a salmon swimming up stream waiting to spawn before a Bear gulps him down for dinner.

And if the swamp he entered in DC was not enough, there is that portion of society, three million of them that he didn’t sway his way during the election process of the popular vote.

You see, as the astute businessman he is, he won the election by the electoral vote not the popular vote and it shocked the elitists and now they find themselves, among others of the progressive liberals, in the uncomfortable position of having to deal with it – tears and all.

On top of all of this, the mainstream media, and higher educational institutions were infiltrated over the years with liberal brainwashing to think this was the only course of direction for our society.

President Trump is a refreshing change for this Nation, and just what it needs in these dire times.

Trump during the GOP primaries of the presidential elections defeated 16 members of the elitist Republicans that I talk about, among them, those that were part of the ‘club’ and that have held public office Bush, of the entitled, Cruz, Graham, Kasich, Paul and Rubio and they still participate as part of his opposition.  There were others, Ryan, McCain and Romney, some of which are long past their capacity to serve, and who are part of the obstacles Trump faces today.

Outside of this, there is past President Barack Hussein Obama, who is running a Shadow Government right in DC.

All of this is taking place while President Trump, even while he was President-Elect, and continued as he became president, was keeping corporations in America, providing jobs, improving the economy – stock market up 16 % – providing safety with immigration policies, repealing Obamacare, a failed health care policy, and bolstering the US Military (days in office 58).

While middle America is moving forward with optimism there is a segment of the Nation moving backward with divisiveness and values of global negativism. 

Globalism is a policy tried, but a failed one. America first is a policy initiated and promising without obstruction, yet to be accomplished.









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  1. Llamamia says:

    Now that is what I call authentic journalism. Great column!

    As for Trump’s first 50+ days in office…

    “Well begun is half done.” ~Aristotle

  2. Don Storch says:

    Thanks, my Muse!

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