Trump Is Trumping GOP Field with Polls, Rhetoric, Audiences, Brashness & Energy


Trump hair tug to refute toupee claims

Greenville NC (Storch Report) — Say what you will, Donald Trump is trumping the Republican field with the likes of physical energy that makes all other candidates look as though they are suffering from narcolepsy.

When GOP candidates, or even Hillary, tries to take him on they play into his game plan, give him the headlines, he doesn’t need, but readily accepts, exhaust their own energy and the Donald comes back looking like the EVEREADY  battery.

He handles a press conference with the adeptness of Barnum promising his audience the next 3-ring Circus — and then he delivers it.

When the media attacks and doesn’t play by his rules, he shoos them out of the conference.  But then brings them back to take them on as he did with an anchor Jorge Ramos from Univison.

When he perceives that someone is not treating him ‘nicely’ — he attacks, and is not so ‘nicely’ himself, e.g Megyn Kelly of Fox News.  He doesn’t mince with words to be politically correct, in fact he doesn’t like political correctness.

He has resurrected the words ‘silent majority’ and has identified it with his movement of ‘Making America Great Again.’

The Donald draws crowds in the thousands for a luncheon while his opponents including Hillary are lucky to draw an audience in the hundreds at a football stadium, the vision is striking and then he brashly brags about it in his next appearance.

He appears to be right that there is a silent majority that is resonating to the rhetoric of his words, his arrogance and his braggadocio.

He is making a connection with the people like no other candidate. As of now he is a snowball moving down the Alps collecting followers like snow to create an avalanche that may not be able to be stopped.

Even the progressive liberal media, as much as they try, can’t help but cover him because he makes news and without spending his own money.

But you can bet they are trying to dig something-up.

A case in point, the New York Times ran a story today that mentioned how a Hispanic radio host nicknamed Trump, “El hombre del palanquin,” or “the man of the toupee.”

Trump’s response tonight, “I don’t wear a toupee.  It’s my hair.  I swear,” the Republican presidential frontrunner said.

Then he asked a woman to come on the stage and check his locks at the event attended by 1,800 people in Greenville, South Carolina.

Then the billionaire candidate asked if the hairdo was the real thing — there was applause — as she replied, “I do believe it is.”

Let’s face it, Trump is not only the talk of Manhattan, he is the talk of the nation like no other candidate — for now!






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  1. Barbara BoppNewbauer says:

    Loved the article. Accurate, funny, and true, and I am not necessarily a Trump (or anyone else, at this time) fan.

  2. Don Storch says:

    Thanks Barbara, and for all the good times at IHS.

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