Trump Executes End Run Around Bias Main Stream Media



New York (Storch Report) — It was eight years ago that the left wing progressive media swooned over President-elect Obama and now find themselves in a state of despair over their own collective failure of bias reporting and inability to predict, interpret and deliver the news speaking to the truth, and now find themselves in the humbling position of accepting the reality that President-elect Trump will be the 45th President of the United States.

Donald J. Trump read into and assessed the voice of silence that was quietly in America and delivered messages to them by going through and around the bias left wing progressive media, which he directly called ‘liars.’ He tapped into the vein of these Americans who had enough of the Obama years, ready and willing to repudiate them, and rejected the concept of entitlement put forth by the corrupt policies of the Clinton machine, and failed to accept the con game of the main stream progressive media who were flaking for Hillary.

The public didn’t listen to the elitists propagating the new found politically correct culture, they listened to the Donald and no matter what he did or said, past or present, he could do no wrong.

This voice of silence had made up their minds after a decade of progressive liberalism and polices of leading from behind.  Words of yesterday were being heard once again and even though they were not politically correct they communicated with those that were ignored for the past decade and the  progressive political correct blindly believed in the elitism of their power base never thinking it could possibly be upset on election day.

It was Jesus who said we must speak to the truth, and he was speaking of God, but it was Pontius Pilate who challenged Jesus asking what is the truth when he was brought before him during his trial?

What is truth?  The dictionary defines it as a verified or indisputable fact, proposition or principle or as the state or character of being true. Pilate did not realize the depth of this question when he asked it, as he was probably just wanting Jesus to defend himself and his situation.

However, what Pilate, and many others throughout the centuries, did not realize is that truth is not just a series of itemized facts and figures — truth was epitomized then in the person of Jesus Christ.

Donald may think he is Jesus, but the real issue is not who he thinks he is, but the meaning of Truth as the media seems to think it is and how the public perceives the message they are delivering through their own bias filtering process of journalism.

Sorry for the quick flash-back in time, but I didn’t think there was anyone still around who could dispute this interpretation.

And so it seems as though the Trophy generation of progressive winners among the media and those of the grieving public that they conned, have been forced into safe rooms for sobbing as though they just lost the World Series.  Reality was staring them in the face and for once forcing them to confront reality, which they missed in their childhood of winners all.  I trust the management of media also provided counselors to console the bias reporters who blindly served as flacks to the Clinton machine and the Democratic Party, which promised more of the Obama sameness.

Apparently the realization of the Trump movement hit CNN’s foreign correspondent Christina Amanpour particularly hard as she explained last Tuesday when she accepted the Committee to Project Journalists’ Burton Benjamin Memorial Award for ‘extraordinary and sustained achievement in the cause of freedom.’

“We have to accept that we’ve had our lunch handed to us by the very same social media that we’ve so slavishly been devoted to,” she admitted noting that journalism faces an ‘existential crisis’ in the Trump era.

She even went as far as to compare Trump to authoritarians like Sisi, Erdogan, Putin, the Ayatollahs and Duterte.

And then, projected the future for the media that is accused of inciting the scene and eventually finding themselves accused of being full-fledged “terrorists and subversives ending up in handcuffs, in cages, in kangaroo courts, in prison — and then who knows?”

She admitted “the winning candidate did a savvy end run around us and used it to go straight to the people. Combined with the most incredible development ever — the tsunami of fake news sites — aka lies — that somehow people could not, would not, recognize, fact check, or disregard.”

“One of the main writers of these false articles — these lies — says people are getting dumber, just passing fake reports around without fact checking,” she said

“We need to ask whether technology has finally outpaced our human ability to keep up. Facebook needs to step up.” The Donald, however, uses Twitter.

Amanpour said, “I believe in being truthful, not neutral.” If you are not neutral, however, there must be a bias. 

Where she got it all wrong, was the ‘fake’ news was being delivered by the very cable station she is working for, among many other media outlets.

The public editor of the New York Times criticized the paper’s election coverage and a letter from the Times to its subscribers all but apologized for its election coverage.  It was clear among those that study media coverage that for the most part there was a bias against Trump and this included media outlets such as ABC, CBS, NBC, the Daily News, the Washington Post and USA Today among others.

The bias media continues the war it started with Trump even through the president-elect transition of administrations.

And you can expect the Donald to continue to drive through the media with his criticism and go around them with direct messages to the public via technology outlets like You Tube.

I am sad to say that Amanpour was right about Trump’s ‘end run’ to reach the public without the bias filtering of a faltering profession called journalism, and the media outlets can only fault themselves for the position they find themselves in.








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