Trump Delivers On His Promises; Main Stream Media Undermines Accomplishments; McCain Pulls An Obama On Foreign Soil


Washington DC (Storch Report) – In one month President Trump takes steps to deliver what he promised during his presidential campaign while left wing progressives, still smarting from their loss, attempt to de-legitimize his presidency and the left wing main stream media goes beyond its adversarial role to undermine the positive evolving from the Trump administration.

The Democrats in Congress delay, linger and walk back Trump cabinet appointments and Sen John McCain (R-Ariz) pulls an Obama and criticizes Trump on foreign soil.  McCain, one of the elitists Republicans originally opposing Trump’s nomination is too probably smarting over his failed attempts to reach the Oval office.

McCain says in Germany that the Trump administration is in ‘disarray’ and criticizes Trump for blasting the main stream media over fake news for which it is guilty of publishing from the New York Times to the Washington Post. Both have apologized for it, both have had writers that have written it and only recently the AP moved a story that Trump was going to use the National Guard to round up illegal immigrants.  Not true!

McCain defended the press by saying in Germany that an adversarial press is necessary, without it he said it can be the beginning of a dictatorship.

However, the media is so adversarial today that you can’t find a positive story on Trump, despite significant accomplishments, in the New York Times for example. The Times is so adversarial it could be considered the leader of the communications arm of the progressive left wing party among the rest of the main stream media. One month in office and some are questioning editorially whether Trump can finish one term.

The forces against Trump are formidable: from a shadow government being formed by former President Obama and his OFA troops of more than 32,000 nationwide (Organizing for Action) to intelligence bureaucratic moles held over from the Obama administration and Democratic protesters, trained to be safely arrested, with funding by multi-billionaire George Soros; there is a well oiled protest/riot machine operating that pays little attention to the law.

Nevertheless, Trump has provided Americans with more optimism, hope and promise in one month than Obama ever did for a moment in eight years.  Quite to the contrary, one more term of Obama and America would have been destroyed.

Trump delivers on his promises: he has already saved more than 200,000 jobs and received pledges from corporations of more than $80 billion in the construction of new facilities in the US; improved economy with records being set in the stock market; he is in the process of repealing and replacing Obamacare; reducing taxes; providing jobs, addressing immigration, infrastructure and the wall; law enforcement, security for the nation and the build-up of the military with the philosophy of peace through strength.

In a record setting press conference he told the media, organizations and individuals, what he thought of their fake news and told them he was going to continue to tell them what he thought and call them out on it.  And, whenever he can by pass them he will through twitter and the rally he held last night in Marathon Fl that drew 10,000.

Trump’s actions to date appear to be promises and change you can believe in, unlike the elitists politicians from either party of the past.




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