Trump As Crocodile Dundee In New Book, “Snakes In The Swamp” By Don Storch

Storch Report — A new book by Don Storch features President Trump as Crocodile Dundee in “Snakes in the Swamp”available now at

” ‘Snakes in the Swamp’ come in the form of bureaucrats, Republicans, Democrats, spies in the form of the FBI, CIA, NSA, lobbyists, consultants, friends, politicians – who make for strange bedfellows – and any other varmint living within the metropolitan radius of Washington DC., such as the Media.  Not all are reptiles, but there are enough from within to turn a non-politician, businessman into ‘Crocodile Dundee, ’ ” as the book opens.

The book is a concise, insightful commentary on Donald J. Trump’s first 100 days as President of the United States. Storch has nailed this period with precision, highlighting events and Trump’s accomplishments despite the backlash from the opposition, as well as from his own party. Told in a unique style, Storch explores the bold moves as Trump forges ahead, regardless of the negative press, vowing to keep the promises he has made to the country he loves. No fake news here, this is the real thing . . . read on.

It is available now on Amazon for $10.99. 

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