Trump Anxiety Spawns New Profession, ‘The Cuddliest’

New York (Storch Report) – I just couldn’t let this one pass . . . 

Apparently Trump anxiety among progressive liberals is so pervasive it has spawned a new profession of ‘Cuddliest’s.’ 

The fee charged for a certified ‘cuddliest’ ranges anywhere from $80 per hour to an extended overnight session of $330, but there is no sex.

I mean after all, let’s give him a break, Trump does produce jobs and new businesses.

Trump has created so much anxiety in America that comforting it is a booming business.

However, I would think that a retro John Wayne, Commander would have something like this to say today to a young buck Ensign, “Wake up kid or some Radical Islamic terrorist is going to shoot your ass off while you are cuddling.”

But we are not talking about the military, we are talking about the non enlisted wimps of the civilian population of liberals in the United States.

They need comforting, whether it be male or female heterosexual cuddling . . . I think?

Professional, certified cuddliest’s admit that there are negotiations at the outset, but adamantly say it does not involve sex.

All cuddling is not over Trump Anxiety, it just might be a ‘trumped up excuse’ for something else – but I will leave that up to you.





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