Tinsel Town’s Academy Awards

Lady Ga Ga At Academy AwardsHollywood (Storch Report) — Once again, it was long past my bedtime to tell you about the results of the Oscars, I can only tell you about my observance of the trivia of the Academy Awards, therefore you can seek out the results somewhere else. And, very frankly a report on the trivia of this annual event is all it’s worth.

This is a side bar — with emphasis on the bar.

For most of those that arrive on the red carpet before the show have a few belts in their belly before they do their perfunctory interviews.

When they go to the after the Academy Awards parties their behavior will be reported in the tabloids, not here.

Hollywood is a fantasy liberal town with a bunch of phonies looking for publicity they don’t deserve, but desperately seek out.  The Academy Awards themselves seem to be infested with the politics both in the way in which they select who will become an Oscar winner as to the way in which they select a president.

It is not my favorite place to visit, or a place to enjoy.

Rodeo Drive, in my opinion is not worth a bronco’s ride.

But the Oscars is something we all watch.  It’s  entertainment, after all it isn’t that what America is all about?  Hollywood for some reason is  a symbol of America, basically depicting a country of which we are not about, but select to be for some kind of false imagery.

Even the White House seeks out Hollywood, under a liberal administration. Perhaps it’s because of money and to be around the ‘in’ beautiful people.  After all, that can’t be all bad.

And so let’s tell it the way I saw the Academy Awards last night:

It was broadcast on ABC and began with events on the Red Carpet with Robin Roberts as the anchor and it moved with the quickness of today’s TV blitz of movement, segueing from scene to scene as though it had some place to quickly arrive at, which would be the opening of the show of shows.

There were scenes with the young and they looked good with young uplifting boobs, while the old were sagging with skin that looked like it needed ironing.

So much for the plastic surgeons of Hollywood.

Hollywood is entertainment, but today what isn’t entertainment. Even the news has been proven to be as phoney as Hollywood.  Anchors want to headline the Tonight Show.

And there were some surprises to be witnessed, Neil Patrick Harris, the host of this years performance did an opening which was the equivalent of a Broadway musical spectacular that brought down the house.

There were some tear jerking performances, namely Tim McGraw singing, “I’m not going to miss you” written by Glen Campbell, who is dealing with Alzheimer’s and Lady Gaga delivering an outstanding rendition of a musical melody of Julie Andrews performance of the Sound of Music.

There was also a nice touch of those actors that have passed with an artistic painting of their resemblance.

Oh, who won?  I must not have been paying attention.  Furthermore, who cares but the winners and their egos.






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