Time To Impeach


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Washington DC (Storch Report) — Radical ideology, which fails to represent the Constitution, is governing the United States through political correctness.

When the leadership of America from the President of the United States to the Congress represents something other than the Constitution it’s time to impeach.

When political correctness replaces common sense it is time to impeach.

When political leaders fail to represent the majority of the electorate it is time to impeach.

When the president of the United States fails to fulfill his oath of office and defend the people it is time to impeach.

When a president of the United States can’t identify reality from personal ideology, and call the enemy radical Islamist terrorists, it is time to impeach.

Failing to lead under an oath of office and to fulfill that oath are grounds to impeach.

Under the leadership of President Hussein Obama this nation is, if not already there, on a path of deleterious destruction by design.

Very frankly, I don’t know how much more evidence the people need to recognize this.

And if impeachment is not an option, and it probably isn’t even though Obama has committed greater crimes than President Nixon, including cover-ups, our option is to vehemently exercise the vote in the 2016 presidential election by selecting the right GOP candidate for change by a landslide.

The call is to eliminate candidates representing Fascism, socialistic, progressive, politically correct policies from the candidates for which you vote.

The lame brain candidate Hillary Clinton, who is a chip off the same political block as Obama, but only further to the left, would be the worst choice.

If you don’t believe me, read her college thesis on Marxist Saul Alinsky and examine her performance serving as Secretary of State under Obama, including her criminal acts for which she has yet to be charged and the mendacity she delivers in her testimony before Congress.

The world is going through a transformation, economically, politically, culturally and is being challenged by a Muslim movement which is progressively being identified as an enemy fostering a jihad against Christian infidels.  All of which simply says, if you don’t believe in Islam, death be to you.

Need not worry about President Obama’s identification of the enemy, even the Muslims don’t identify their own warriors as radical.  They seem to believe in their cause supporting the words of jihad, the Koran, and Sharia law without protest.  You don’t see Muslims protesting the atrocities to humanity committed by al Qaeda, or ISIS globally. Is this what they all pray for in their Mosques as often as they can get on their knees daily?

Americans have been attacked aggressively with military force, many times throughout its history and has consistently proven to be a formidable foe, but under the leadership of a president that supports, not defies, the Constitution of the United States.

These are not the same times under the present leadership of divisiveness where local police are denigrated and a proud military is not allowed to fight even though the Commander in Chief puts them in harms way.

I want to leave you with a thought as a result of the latest attack on the United States by two Muslim terrorists which occurred in San Bernardino California killing 14  and injuring 21 at a Christmas Party, while President Obama politically called for more gun control once again ignoring the facts of Islamic terrorism.  

A cop responding to the massacre in San Bernardino who was helping to remove, calm, and save panicking survivors from the scene told them he would take care of them saying, 

“I’ll take a bullet before you that’s for damn sure,” while escorting them from the carnage.

That was the spirit of an American, a cop defending our citizens, compared to  a delusional president living in an ideological fantasy world that does not exist.

Updated: 10:20 AM, 12/4/15




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  1. walt says:

    Your post could not have been any better stated. God help us if Hillary Alinsky is next to follow Obama.
    The lack of action and play on words are sickening to be coming from our White House. How many more incidents must we witness.

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