Thoughts Of Humility And The Devil During The Pope’s Visit


What Was Not Said

New York (Storch Report) — I must admit I was taken back this week witnessing Pope Francis’ visit to America, delivering profound messages of global complexities, with simplicity of delivery reaching the peoples of the street in which he said Jesus still walks.

I must also admit that I am vulnerable to pomp and circumstance, military parades and funerals of significance that reflect history.

With that said, I thought the Pope’s performance was exemplary for the Christian cause.

Perhaps ‘performance’ is not the choice of words the Vatican would select, but that’s the way I saw it.  

I was struck by Poppy’s stamina during a grueling schedule for a man of 78 and his ability and drive to learn the English language at this stage of life and to deliver it so well to we in America.

Yes, he is the people’s Pope, more accurately the next generations’ Pope by the way in which he relates to children.

Pundits dealing with critical anti-American, anti-capitalistic, anti-climate claims had little grounds for criticism.

However, the stunning revelation by John Boehner, GOP Speaker of the House, that he was resigning, the day after the Pope’s dramatic address to the joint session of Congress, in which Boehner was weeping throughout, was perhaps a signal of what was to come.

Boehner pulled the plug on his career and basically was forced out of his leadership, after succeeding in getting the Pontiff to speak before Congress as a devout Catholic.

The service at St. Patricks Cathedral was one to behold, the mass, the singing, the messages and the glistening refurbished edifice, to the tune of more than $150 million, was breathtaking.

This was followed by the Pope’s grueling day with speeches at the UN, Ground Zero, a Catholic School in Harlem, a ride through Central Park and another mass at Madison Square Garden.

What more can you ask from a Pope?  As Frank Sinatra said in his song New York New York, ‘If you can make it here you can make it anywhere . . ‘ The Pope made it here!

The protection of the Pope was more than outstanding, it was commendable by the Pope’s own secret service, the US secret service and the collective police departments in DC and New York.

I say all of this with sincerity, not cynicism or satire.

However, I do feel compelled to point out what was left unsaid. The photo at the top of this column depicts the omission.  It is an omission worse than any commission, perhaps a reflection of today’s global political correctness.

The humility of the Pope’s Christian message was delivered effectively; however, during the masses over which he presided, the incense of smoke, biblically identified to ward off the devil or the demons were never identified, mentioned or vilified.

If the truth be told without global political correctness, we would identify today’s Devil, the Demon, as ISIS, who claims to be the Islamic State and condemn them for their atrocities to humanity. We would not pray in the foundation of what was once the World Trade Center and memorialize the dead and think that we can erase the events of 9/11 with the smoke of incense.

When the Pope addressed the joint session of Congress he invoked the ‘Golden Rule’ — not the 10 Commandant’s which I would have thought more appropriate — ‘Do unto others as you would have them do you” (Matt 7:12).

The world needs to correct a wrong, perhaps by the Pope’s Golden Rule, with a slight juxtaposition of words, ‘Do unto them as they did unto you.’

I rest my thesis. 




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