There Are Times When You’ve Got To Be Dumb To Be Smart


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Moline Il (Storch Report) –I had an interview yesterday with Charlie, Linus and Lucy of cartoon fame on the subject of who they were going to vote for in the upcoming election between Clinton and Trump.

Two of the three seemed to be confused as to who they were willing to commit to for president at this stage of the campaign. 

I asked Lucy who she was leaning toward and she wouldn’t commit herself.  “Once again,” she said “we seem to be making a selection between two most unfavorable choices.  Hillary is a crook that should be in the Big House rather than the White House and Trump is so stupid he engages his mouth before his brain.”

Charlie seemed to be as confused as Lucy, asking why the electorate should be consistently confronted with the lesser of two evils.

At this point of the interview, Linus was holding his comments in abeyance, selecting to suck on his blankee.

Linus finally took his blankee out of his mouth, mumbling, “That, that woman, that crook called me a ‘racist, deplorable and irredeemable’ and all this time I always thought I was adorable, and she wants my vote.”

“Linus, does that mean you are voting for Trump?” Lucy asked, “if so, that’s pretty dumb.” 

“Now you are at it calling me names, Lucy you’re just another progressive liberal women’s libber who wants to be politically correct,” Linus said.

“You know Lucy,” said Linus, “sometimes you’ve got to be dumb to be smart, you’re just like the rest of the elitists.”

“Hillary and her entire family are indecorous,” said Linus, “in other words, you have to separate ‘the wheat from the chaff’ and to put it another way to be smart you must separate the valuable from the worthless and recognize the difference.”

Lucy was flummoxed!

While this dialog was going on Charlie went in the house and came out with a ball and a couple of gloves and asked, “Wanna play ball?”









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4 Responses to There Are Times When You’ve Got To Be Dumb To Be Smart

  1. norman says:

    You can learn from a very smart Snoopy.

    “There’s no sense in doing a lot of barking if you don’t really have anything to say.”

  2. Don Storch says:

    Perhaps it’s time to bark if you want America to be what it once was.

  3. norman says:

    It depends on what you mean by “once was”.

  4. Don Storch says:

    Read my latest column, perhaps you will see the epiphany!

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