The World Is Unraveling Because The United States Is Not Leading


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Washington DC (Storch Report) — The world is unraveling because of President Barack Hussein Obama’s lack of leadership and that will be his legacy by historians as the 44th president of the United States.

Obama’s character and policies, executed by executive order, much like a dictator operating within a Democracy and designed by an Alinsky Constitutional lawyer that studied the system to upend it, are anti-American and in violation of the oath of office he took to uphold the Constitution.

He launched his administration with a tour of Europe apologizing for America’s wrongs and telling the allies America saved from the likes of Fascism, Nazism, Communism and oppression that we as a country were not ‘exceptional.’

I would suggest the president try to convince the people of Normandy, even some 70 years later, that Americans are not and were not ‘exceptional.’

Today, however, Obama is not projecting a positive image for America, quite to the contrary.  It is only reasonable to ask why?

President Obama is a questionable American because of his behavior and the failure to represent America for what it is under the Constitution and the oath of office he pledged to uphold.

Americans are not representatives of him, and he is not representative of Americans.

And, it really is not any more complex than that and has little to do with racism because he is black, in fact it is he that fosters racism, to those that are white.

This is clearly demonstrated as a result of the unrest within all communities in the US, the lack of respect for law enforcement, which is dramatically demonstrated in Obama’s hometown Chicago where blacks are killing blacks with the apparent intent of extermination.

Jobs he didn’t provide, despite promises of shovel ready programs. There are 94 million Americans not in the labor force.

The economy, never recovered.  

Wealth redistribution didn’t work.

Bailouts were costly to taxpayers and and most Americans never recovered their retirement funds.

Wall Street is what it once was, despite promises of reform.

DC and its lobby system never changed, despite the promises.

Change occurred for the worse and Hope seems to be in China, because they hold our debt.

Obama goes to Alaska to rename a mountain, witness a glacier melting because it’s Summer and calls it global warming and while there the US military detects five China warships 12 miles off the coast and in the Atlantic the Russians are spying on US Subs off of the coast of Georgia.

Meanwhile Obama is downgrading our military.   

There is nothing more important than the strength of our military and Obama is denigrating it. 

History proves that the strength of a military is the strength of a nation.  Obama’s policies redistributes power and wealth to the detriment of America.

Obama withdraws from the Middle East, Iraq, Afghanistan . . .  negotiates a bad deal with an untrustworthy enemy, Iran, giving them the nuclear bomb and the missiles to deliver it on our shores . . .  calls it a good deal . . .  offers allies in the Middle East money to bolster their military as a result of the dangers of the deal . . .  the world is on the verge of unraveling . . .  and Obama thinks this is a great legacy.

Our relationship with China and Russia sucks . . . they hold war games and we watch . . .  and it’s not much better with the rest of our allies. Russia hasn’t been kind to it’s neighbors recently, and we do nothing.  Putin continues to flex his chest reflecting on his KGB days and eleven million immigrants are infiltrating Europe, many of them dying trying to escape the new Holocaust by ISIS, created by Obama’s omissions of judgment in the Middle East.

Not too long ago we had a mini crisis of Ebola invading America from Africa.  It was controlled by America’s medical acumen.  

We have had nearly eight years of the unraveling of America’s leadership under President Obama, proving to be a far greater threat than the fears of Ebola.

The old world, despite it’s history and longevity, has been dependent upon the leadership of America and President Obama has let them and his own nation down. 

Haven’t seen Obama taking a selfie of this picture.

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