The Warring Winds Of Radical Islamism

Obama speaking on terrorism in ParisParis (Storch Report) — Since 9/11 there has been a noticeable absence by moderate Muslims in denouncing radical Islamic terrorism that is bred from within a religion like a malignant cancer.

Political Muslim pundits say this is because the teaching of the Koran and Shira law favors and defends the terrorists’ actions.  It is not uncommon for terrorists to kill their own for not following the teachings of Allah.

France has now declared war against radical Islamic terrorists following a weekend of attacks that resulted in 17 deaths, threatened freedom of speech and involved anti-Semitic acts of violence resembling Nazi Germany in the late 1930’s.

The actions by three radical Islamic terrorists at the offices of a satirical newspaper, which had been critical of Mohammed, was but one of the attacks orchestrated in Yemen by Al Qaeda and carried out in Paris this past weekend.  The terrorists were killed.

The massacre spurred a massive rally by some 3 billion people on Sunday along with some 50 leaders from around the world denouncing the attacks, except for a high level presence from the United States.

The absence of President Obama from the rally drew criticism globally and once again drew attention to his failure to refer to such acts as radical Islamic terrorism.  He would rather call such massacres ‘workplace violence’ as he did  in Ft. Hood when a Muslim mowed down fellow soldiers, because he thinks he put an end to the war on terrorism some time ago.

In a rare occasion Josh Earnest, Obama’s press secretary admitted to the mistake yesterday.  “We should have sent someone with a higher profile,” he said.

An understatement at best.

The only official present was the US Ambassador to France.  Attorney General Eric Holder was in Paris for meetings, but was told not to attend the rally.

There appears to be an optical pattern to Obama’s blunders when it comes to radical Islamic terrorism.  While on vacation last summer an American was beheaded in Iraq by ISIS.  Shortly after denouncing the heinous act, Obama went out and played golf with his buddies.  On Sunday, while 50 leaders from around the globe marched in solidarity in Paris denouncing the terrorism, news reports had Obama watching football.

The avoidance by Obama to not identify the enemy nor participate in the Paris rally is equal to moderate Muslims not denouncing the home-bred acts of radical Islamic terrorists.

In the case of Obama it is political correctness gone amuck and a failure to recognize the facts on the ground as they exist.  He first called the attacks in Paris, ‘violence’ he then changed the wording to ‘terrorism,’ a word he often tries to avoid.

There is a certain pandering that Obama portrays toward Islam and perhaps that’s because his father was Muslim.

Obama has been quoted as saying, “I made it clear that America is not — and never will be — at war with Islam.”  On another occasion he said, “Islam is not part of the problem in combating violent extremism — it is an important part of promoting peace.”

If that is the case, why can’t we find peace?

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