“The View” Debuts With A Mellow Tone

The New View Cast

New York (Storch Report) — “The View” debuted today with less debate, controversy and news projecting a mellow tone of age, but not that of a fine wine.

There was the carry-over moderator Whoopi Goldberg and three new hosts, Rosie O’Donnell, Rosie Perez and Nicole Wallace with potentially promising future subjects dealing with Lesbians, Hispanics, Blacks, Whites, Democrats and once again Republicans.

The opening salvo can only be described as a love-fest with a new love-nest of bevies on a new set as the hugging was portrayed in the hand-out photo provided by ABC and by the actors during the live performance.

The retiring Barbara Walters, now the Executive Producer of the show and the founder, did make an opening cameo appearance, letting everyone know she is still the Queen with a crown, but now from behind the scene, even though she stole the opening View looking more like a King than a Queen sitting on her throne.

The new hosts each delivered their banality of bios with Rosie O’Donnell promising to be nice — after she was once fired from the show after a political tangle with Republican Elizabeth Hasselbeck, now of Fox — but said she liked the new token Republican Nicole Wallace, who once worked for George W. Bush and John McCain.  Wallace didn’t get along well with Sara Palin during the McCain campaign and that went over well with the rest of the Dems on the cast.  We’ll see how long that lasts.

Then there is Rosie Perez, I guess the token Hispanic, who said she learned Kung Fu, “Just in case I had to kick some ass.”

O’Donnell crossed her legs on the chair she was sitting on to show off her pedicured toes and I guess to prove she lost some weight after her heart attack.

People Magazine says Perez looks like a keeper — but based upon the first show I didn’t see any keepers — not even the show.

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