Brexit Wasn’t Bangers And Mash


Don Storch Characture

London (Storch Report) — The exchange of globalization for populism did not come from the millenniums of the world it came from the elderly, a shock to many and most certainly the markets globally, if you will.

And, it appeared to come quickly unlike a slow but fine brewing tea.

It came unpredictably and from a place pundits, bookies, politicians and the financial community did not expect, least of all the learned media.

It was even enough for George Will the US Conservative political pundit to disclose he filed to become an Independent after years of being a Republican.

It signaled, perhaps globally, a time for the establishment to be ousted from power.

It should have not come as a surprise, for at least 8 years or more the world has experienced a significant loss of jobs, loss of income, savings and the manipulation of the economy and phony financial markets — with the tipping point being immigration — that it was time for people to speak-out from the democracy in which they live .  And so they did. It was clearly recognized by the elderly, for the youth or as they are now known as millenniums, perhaps progressives, were too dumb to yet become learned enough to be conservatives.

It is they and the power brokers in the UK, that misread their constituents.  

The depth of the mistrust and mistakes is beyond a simple vote of the people pulling out of the EU by the UK, four letters few paid attention to, least of which understood, for some 58 years until it eventually hit home financially.

The public is more often than not complacent, and more often than not, the establishment is driven by politics, ambition and ego which gets in the way of progress.  It is necessary for a leader to harness all of that into a team and we haven’t seen that type of leadership globally in some time.

So the Brits have sent out a signal to do away with the establishment.

The message has drifted across the pond at an appropriate time — the US presidential elections.

And, so we have here the two most unlikable candidates ever running for president of the United States, the establishment candidate Hillary Clinton and the outsider Donald Trump, the outsider, and the global entrepreneurial successful businessman.

She, is disliked as a politician with dubious scandalous activities in her background, from Whitewater, Travelgate, Libya, Benghazi, emails and servers, to pay for play activities with foreign governments as Secretary of State with governments contributing to the Clinton Foundation and delivering undisclosed speeches to Wall Street for cash while allegedly despising their activities publicly.

He, is disliked as a successful businessman, with four Chapter 11’s to his credit, and speaking the likes of which the establishment does not like.

Trump is more disliked than Clinton.

Clinton has spent a lot more than Trump to put away one contender and she has yet to achieve that.

Trump has put away 16 opponents and spent a lot less.

Trump has a staff of about 70 Clinton a staff of 800.

She has a lot more campaign cash.

He has a lot less.

I sense there is a lot of confusion globally, perhaps because most only pay attention to what personally concerns them.  Most Brits, for example, better understood the UK better than the EU even though they were part of it for 17 years.

In fact, I believe for the most part the world thought Brexit was Bangers and Mash, until the vote took place and the tides of change drifted to the US. 









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