The Teachings Of Billy Graham?


Washington DC (Storch Report) – Today I watched from the White House a transparent public display of love, caring and true emotion from kids and parents from Parkland Florida Douglas High School fighting for a simple cause to allow our children to go to school and come home from school in safety – they were speaking before a listening nation after suffering the loss of 17 of their classmates and faculty to a psychopathic classmate-killer. 

It sure was not an unreasonable request that they were making to the president of the United States, and he was listening, more importantly he was allowing the nation to listen.

And then something happened on the very same day, perhaps an Epiphany,  Billy Graham, the evangelistic preacher who delivered the messages of Jesus Christ and the love of God globally, heard and followed by more than any other person in the world, including every US president, whom they consulted with, died at the age of 99.

Graham could move mountains with his messages, he kept his messages simple, and singular.

He was devoted to Jesus Christ and asked his followers to be the same and promised through his teachings that Jesus Christ would love all of his followers.  The message resonated.

It is said that Billy Graham is in heaven at this moment.

In God we Trust is on our currency, it is embedded in the Dome of our capital as well as on other public buildings, our forefathers believed in God long before we knew about him and I believe these children today, from different ethnic backgrounds, came to the White House with a love for their fellow kids in high school, their buddies, classmates, and especially those they lost.

They were articulate in their presentations, loving, compassionate and singular in their message that we must as a nation provide safety for our children in school.

The nation should listen to its youth.

These kids must have gotten something along the way from Billy Graham, or they wouldn’t have been able to deliver their singular message so well.



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