The Shady Lady . . .

RNPS IMAGES OF THE YEAR 2011Washington DC (Storch Report) — Imagine the Shady Lady as President of the United States?

Transparency under Hillary Rodham Clinton would, perhaps, be equivalent to a sarcophagus; worse than the lack of transparency that President Barack Hussein Obama now delivers to the people, which is dramatically short of what he promised some six years ago.

How is it possible that it could be worse than what we are witnessing now under Obama who appears to be following the disclosure and credibility policies in a democracy equivalent to that of President Putin of Russia?

We the people found out more about the negotiations that Obama is conducting over a nuke deal with Iran from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel on Tuesday than we did from our own president or his minions.

And today we find out that Hillary Rodman Clinton, a 2016 presidential nominee in waiting and former Secretary of State under Obama, used private personal emails delivered under a private server registered to her family home in New York to conduct State Department business, a violation of federal law, raising questions why she went to such lengths to keep her messages off the official government system.

A sarcophagus was apparently established to seal disclosure of actions, events, facts or covert operations and with intent because it was established, according to news reports, before being confirmed as Secretary of State.

A sarcophagus?  Yes a box-like funeral receptacle for a corpse, most commonly sealed and carved in stone.

And if the box contains ashes there is no disclosure, no transparency no revelations of the past.

Why would a person with the experience of being a lawyer, a first lady, a Senator and a Secretary of State and a two time potential presidential candidate take this type of action to apparently circumvent disclosure of facts while taking an oath of office to serve under the Constitution of the United States?

I need not delve into the shady past of former president Bill and first lady Hillary, it is well documented.

But today a House committee subpoenaed Clinton’s personal emails as part of its probe into the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attacks.

Congressman Trey Gowdy, (R-SC) issued the subpoenas, and also sent letters to Internet companies informing them of “their legal obligation to protect all relevant documents.”

By Clinton running her own email gives her control over limiting access to her message archives.

It has been reported that individuals who operate their own email servers are technical experts or users so concerned about issues of privacy and surveillance they take matters into their own hands.

Clinton has selected not to comment on her motivation for using a private email account for official State Department business.

This is a shady lady, perhaps a chip off of two B-blocks, Bill and Barack.










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