The Republicans Secret Society


Skull & Cross Bones

Detroit Mi (Storch Report) — The presidential Republican primary picture is bleak and the future for America doesn’t look much better on either side of the political equation.

I don’t want to paint a doomsday picture for our nation, it is just not in my character, but I must project a realistic picture that must be considered by the voters of America.

Allow me to paint a picture, the way I see it:

I grew up in New Jersey, less than 30 miles from Manhattan. I was a reporter in New Jersey and realized from the early days of my reporting on local politics that most politicians, not all, were crooks.  And, they couldn’t advance without being on the take.  There were bag men for Nixon in a local community in Hanover Township in Morris County, there was nepotism, there was corruption. 

I can document that statement with facts, but that is the past and I want to project the present.

With that premise, allow me to take you to the present rather unpleasant picture we are witnessing, some of which is based upon history and speculation of the secrecy of the unknown, but which should be made transparent by Republicans.

Donald Trump, the leading candidate on the Republican ticket has successfully drawn all of his opponents left into the gutters of the East with the rhetoric of a pugilist, or street fighter from Weehawken NJ.

Then there is Governor John Kasich from Ohio who thinks he is something other than a retread from the past who has avoided confrontation, and will make a dramatic comeback when he gets to his home state of Ohio.

The rest of the Republican candidates, 17 in all other than what’s left, have gone home. 

Then, on the Democratic side, we have the pathetic plight of Hillary Clinton who should be in the ‘Big House’ rather than the White House for her criminal behavior in the State Department.

And, then there is Bernie Saunders, the socialist, who should be running for office in Lichtenstein rather than the United States.

The scene is not a promising scenario.

But all of a sudden Mitt Romney, the defeated candidate of 2008 surfaces trashing Trump.  

Who is this Morman that surfaces on behalf of the Republican establishment?

A failure as a past candidate.

But he calls Trump a ‘phony,’ trashes his campaign.  Where did this come from? It was suggested by Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House, a rather bright guy, that it was a Republican establishment move by a ‘secret society.’ 

And, who could this secret society be, the Scull & Cross Bones Society of Yale?  Members of which were George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush and Secretary of State John Kerry.  By the way, the Koch Brothers are in the background.

To think that something is not going on behind the scenes is just not plausible.














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