The Pants Suit Crook Pulls Off A Coup De’Eatat


FILE - In this July 21, 1992 file photo, then-Democratic presidential nominee Bill Clinton stands with his wife Hillary Clinton during a campaign stop at General Butler State Park in Carrollton, Ky. Bill Clinton promised voters in 1992 that they’d be getting “two for the price of one” if they elected him to the White House, a presidential duo of the young Arkansas governor and his Yale Law-educated wife. Near a quarter century later, the duo is back, but not quite the same. (AP Photo/Greg Gibson, File)

Chappaqua NY . . . Dateline November 8th 2016 . . . a fast forward . . .  (Storch Report) —  “I can’t believe it Bill, we pulled it off.”  . . .  ” I told you Hillary, Barnum was right.”

“Oh, you mean about a ‘fool being born everyday?’ “

“You got it Wellesley.”

Bill had just gotten back from his mistresses’ house, labeled by Secret Service agents as the ‘energizer,’ who lives conveniently a block from Hillary and Bill’s home in Chappaqua New York.”

Hillary watched the election results with her good friend Abedin Huma, her multi-purpose paramour in crime and the daughter of Islamic parents who is estranged from her perverted husband now known as  little Tony Weiner.  The three were together after Hillary’s election-night results celebrating a smug all knowing acceptance speech, acknowledged by  Donald Trump’s ungracious concession, all holding flutes of Dom Perigon Champagne.

Hillary was decked out in a comfortable designer Don Ho $2000 Moo Moo after getting out of her presidential designer $6,000 pants suit.  Abedin, who was staying overnight in the guest room, was in a comfortable jean outfit. And Bill was in a casual throw-back Tuesday night sports garb appearing satisfied after an evening dinner and having been ‘energized.’

“Remember in 2007” said Bill, “when we all got together after you conceded the Dem nomination to Barack, and agreed that we would all follow the Alinsky thesis in the book Rules for Radicals? Well, Barack has built the foundation on this game plan and it only took him 8 years and it’s now up to you Hillary to carry the ball forward as the next President of American-Kinja after pulling off the greatest coup in US history. Perhaps we should honor Barack by naming him President Emeritus of the new progressive liberal President’s Club, a sequel to the Skull & Bones secret organization formed at Yale by the conservatives.”

“That’s a great idea Bill, you still do have some brain cells left up there,” Hillary said jokingly with a cackle.  “You know I was . . .  Bill interrupted her saying, “Yeh, Yeh we know it was you that introduced Saul Alinsky to us after doing a senior thesis on him at Wellesley.”

“You know Bill,” Hillary said, “we should invite Bushes’ 41 and 43 to become members of the President’s Club, after all they were helpful to me playing the roles of turncoats to the party and its nominee, after-all they always considered you a second son in the family.”

“You’re right Hill, let’s do it,” Bill said.

“It still hasn’t sunk in, how you pulled together all those diverse forces to make the coup happen,” said Abedin.  “I’m just glad I was a part of it all. Of Course Barack was a key player as president and nominating you as Secretary of State.  As long as he had your back, you and Barack could pull off forming ISIS in the Middle East, have your own private email server, pull off a cover-up in Benghazi, feed arms to the good and bad guys, to serve your own purpose, and create a pay for play scheme funneling millions into the Clinton Foundation.  But the stroke of genius was getting the cooperation of the GOP and having them go along with the Donald as their nominee and then have key players of the Republican Party defect from the Donald including the president of the House Paul Ryan.

Hillary chirps in and says, “Thank god the GOP nominee wasn’t Marco Rubio.”

“The whole network was rigged,” asserted Abedin. “Little did the Donald know how right he was.  And, the main stream left wing media . . . you played them like a fiddle, not only the New York Times and Washington Post but, ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN.”

“I had a lot of help, including you Abedin,” Hillary said modestly.  “One important element that Saul used to teach was that any revolutionary change must be preceded by a passive, affirmative, non-challenging attitude toward change among the mass of our people.  They must feel so frustrated, so defeated, so lost, so future-less in the prevailing system that they are willing to let go of the past and chance the future.  This acceptance is the reformation essential to any revolution which took place in 2008 and now all we have to do is build on that foundation.”

They all had another glass of Dom Perigon.

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