The Oval Office Is Empty


Empty Chair In Oval OfficeWashington DC (Storch Report) — I don’t know about you, but I can’t find a leader in the Oval office and haven’t for some seven years.

There is no leadership in America today, domestically nor globally.

It is a ship of state that is rudderless, floundering in the main shipping lanes lacking a strategy and failing to navigate a course of direction because the captain has left the bridge and is AWOL.

The empty seat in the oval office belongs to the Commander in Chief Barrack Hussein Obama who took an oath of office, that in my opinion, has failed to uphold.

National opinion polls uphold this contention.

His course of direction has led us to a national debt of $18 trillion, an economy that is jobless for people that want to work, a nation that is no longer safe, an enemy, ISIS, that he refuses to recognize, least of all fight, allows President Putin of Russia to ‘kick sand in his face’ and then accuses the GOP candidates fighting for the empty chair he fails to fill, unable to handle some left wing CNBC moderators in a debate. An incongruous political juxtaposition.

Is this a petty man, searching for a legacy from within a recyclable dump of failed liberal policies?

Yes, I believe this is what we are witnessing.

The best his TSA agents can do at airports today is give a full body scan to a 90-year-old woman, find something suspicious in her bra, ask her to undress, take off a bra and find a secret pocket where she kept some money, because Obama can’t protect it.

Meanwhile, ISIS travels freely with an Islam profile of beards and Burka’s clearly identifiable as to who they are and we nab 90-year-old ladies protecting their money. Meanwhile, the president of this nation is fueling racism among blacks against police rather than protecting our citizens.

There is something wrong with this scene, something surreal. Obama lives in an Alinsky fantasy, trying to play out the thesis of the philosophy of Alinsky’s Marxist book, “Rules for Radicals.”

Obama has preached from every podium he could stand behind that there would be ‘no boots on the ground in Syria.’  It was much like the line he drew in the sand in the same country that was quickly erased by the winds of his own political fantasy.

Now he is putting 50 boots of special ops on the ground in Syria to fight ISIS, with local forces as the fighting front line, meanwhile Putin who is kicking Syrian sand in his face is there in full military force with an airbase and a naval presence.

A force of 50 men to fight ISIS who just brought a Russian jet down killing 224 people? He might be better off putting them in his hometown of Chicago, they might have a better chance of curbing black killings of each other.

There’s an empty chair in the oval office that needs a leader.





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