The Optics Of Power, Greed And Corruption



Washington DC (Storch Report) — The ‘Slick Willy’ label stuck with Bill Clinton.

The ‘Crooked Hillary’ label stuck with Hillary Clinton.

Marriage didn’t stick well with either of them, but politics held it together for power, greed, corruption and monetary gain, despite a bevy of infidelities along the way.

After losing her first run for the presidency, Hillary was nominated as Secretary of State by her foe, President Barack Obama and confirmed to a position that would help lead she and a cad of a husband from rags to riches.

One of her earliest acts was to set up a personal server to deliver and receive emails keeping them from public scrutiny, a violation of executive order 13526 and 18 U.C.C. Sec.793 (f) of the federal code and makes it unlawful to send or store classified information on personal email.  She violated the Federal Records Act and the State Department Foreign Affairs Manual.

This is an egregious violation of the law, and if it were anyone else she would have been facing fines and criminal prosecution. Instead, with the help of the cronies she gathered along the way she was running for the president of the United States.

She did say this was a mistake after she was caught in her crooked and lying ways, but had an escape clause, much like Houdini and her husband Bill, to dodge scandals for the past 30 years while in the public eye.

Yes, there are two forms of Justice one for Hillary and Bill in the United States, the other for everybody else; however, Attorney General Loretta Lynch denies this, but the optics belie the denial.

While Hillary was Secretary of State globetrotting the world making connections for the Clinton Foundation and setting up what now appears to be a pay for play scheme involving her husband and lucrative speeches he was to give, there was an incident at the State Department that displayed her true character and behavior as a leader.

It was called Benghazi, an outpost of the US Embassy in Libya.  It was attacked by al Qaeda, four members of the Embassy were killed including the Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens.

Hillary as Secretary of State didn’t have their backs, in fact no one did.  But she did have the back of President Obama.  She delivered a cover-up scheme for she and the President, who was running for reelection at the time claiming the incident was part of a demonstration over a film critical of Allah.

It was not, it was an attack by Al Qaeda enemies of the US and she and the government she represented failed to protect its Embassy personnel despite numerous requests for additional security long before the incident and then failed to come to their aid during the attack.

Four men died on her watch.  A gross error of omission and poor leadership.

Before she left the State Department she greased the wheels of foreign governments and the power brokers of Wall Street so that contributions (Qatar, Haiti, Goldman Sachs)  flowed into the Clinton Foundation, and the demand for Bill’s speaking engagements soared. A week of speaking engagements in Europe brought the former president $1.4 Million.  It was a not so subtle a pay for play scheme where governments and corporations paid for access to high officials within the Obama administration.

Shortly after Hillary left the White House as First Lady, she claimed that she and her husband, Bill Clinton, the former president and she were near poverty and nearly broke, from all the legal fees required to pay for the defense of his infidelities.  He was impeached for perjury by the Congress and exonerated by the Senate, all of which resulted from his affair with Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office.

Sixteen years later the couple emerged with a net worth of a half-a-billion dollars and they did this without a job, other than serving at the Clinton Foundation, along with their daughter Chelsea. It has been reported that less than 6 % of the Foundations funds has gone to charity, e.g. the foundation collected money for Haiti after a hurricane and the Haitians saw very little of it.

Back when the two dated while attending law school at Yale they had a plan that involved politics.  They both envisioned being President of the United States, he first she second.  It was here that their entitlements were born and an attitude that nothing would get in the way of their goals.

Long before Hillary declared her candidacy for president, Bill said she had the nomination of the Democratic Party because he had the Super Delegates in his back pocket.  It proved to be true.

Following Hillary’s departure from the State Department, Congress held hearings on the Benghazi incident and the apparent cover-up by the administration, and it was here that Hillary’s private server was discovered. She was called to testify.  The Justice Department launched an investigation, and her emails were subpoenaed, some were turned over, but the Clinton campaign machine which was formed for her run for presidency destroyed 33,000 of the emails, computers and phones were destroyed with a hammer.

The FBI launched a one-year investigation into the illegal acts, which Hillary all along called a ‘review’ putting her spin onto to her illegal act, for which she said she made a ‘mistake.’  The FBI is not called the Federal Bureau of Investigation because it does ‘reviews’ as in Book.

Meanwhile, Hillary was nominated by her Democratic party as Bill predicted, but beyond anyone’s prediction the most unlikely, non-politician of all the GOP candidates from the good old boy network elitists, Donald Trump surfaces, the globetrotting business entrepreneur of Towers as in Trump.  He goes through a cadre of 16 predictable candidates during the primaries, debates them all, campaigns against them, defeats them, and gets the nomination but with little support from the GOP.

Polls show the Donald to be more unlikable than Hillary, name calling abounds, he said she said character assassination is routine, sexual allegations fly more frequently than the Zika mosquito in Miami between the Donald and Bill’s philandering with Hillary being the facilitator of the women groping charges against Donald while trying to ameliorate her husbands dalliances.

The Donald draws some 30,000 energized followers at his rallies, Hillary calls it a crowd at 1,500 with passive audiences. She leads him in the polls most of the way, but as the election nears the Donald is edging her out, but she has an advantage in the electoral college.

She is for more of the same carrying on the Obama policies; he is for change, ‘draining out the swamp’ of Washington DC, repealing Obamacare and bolstering military defense.

The FBI is nearing the completion of its investigation.

One evening at the Phoenix airport, a clandestine meeting takes place between Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch in her private plane on the tarmac. Clinton knew Lynch from past appointments, they were friends.  The meeting was inappropriate in light of the FBI investigating his wife on criminal charges.  After the disclosure both admitted the optics were bad, but they alleged they only talked about family and golf.

Clinton wasn’t in Phoenix to play golf as some news outlets said, the temperature was 115 degrees.  Nor was he there to talk family and golf with Lynch. 

While the investigation was going on the FBI Director, Jim Comey, met with his boss Lynch and recommended that a Grand Jury be convened to examine the findings.  She wouldn’t hear of it, after all her boss President Obama endorsed Hillary and said she was the most qualified person to be President.

A week after the Lynch/Clinton meeting in Phoenix, Comey in a public statement all but indicted Hillary in his remarks calling her illegal handling of a private email server that contained ‘classified’ information was ‘careless’ but not indictable because there was no ‘intent.’  The law did not require ‘intent’ for prosecution. All he needed to know was that the private email server was created, the intent was clear once it was created.

There was much criticism as a result of the findings, except from the Clinton campaign.  Comey made his recommendation to Lynch and she accepted it, because after her inappropriate meeting with Clinton she announced that she would accept Comey’s recommendation and thus the case was closed.

Many believed the ‘fix’ was in, especially Trump. The optics were there for everyone to see, the label ‘crook’ was cemented in Hillary’s tomb.

Throughout this period Wikileaks was releasing thousands of emails hacked from John Podesta’s computer.  Podesta is Hillary’s campaign chair.  No one in the campaign denies the voracity of the content of the emails but complains that the source was Russia and charges them with interfering with a US election.

Clinton thinks the FBI ‘review’ is over, but weeks later the FBI Director Comey releases a letter to Congress that says they came upon some further emails connected to Hillary and they were found on a computer belonging to Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s closest campaign aide and formerly Chief of Staff to Hillary at the State Department.

The computer was in the hands of Huma’s estranged husband, Anthony Weiner, a former disgraced Congressman who was under investigation for a sexting relationship with an under-age 15-year-old.

Comey, revealed that there were 650,000 emails on this computer for which he requested a subpoena, and as a result will reopen the Clinton investigation.  Weiner previously resigned over sexting photos of his private parts to women over his smart phone.

The new FBI investigation will take time, it will not be complete by the general election on Nov 8 and unlikely to be complete when the new president takes office.

Meanwhile the voters, five days from a general election, must decide who to vote for or not to vote at all.  They are in an understandable quandary.

Optics have left them with a possible conclusion that the US political system is rigged, very frankly that’s what it looks like and of course this is what Trump is touting.

Even the Governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley, is somewhat confused, but this is what she’s going to do:

“This is no longer a choice for me on personalities because I’m not a fan of either one, what it is about is policy,” she says.

She cited oppressive regulations from federal government agencies as a problem for South Carolina and the importance of the Supreme Court as reasons for her vote as well as the military.

“The best person based on the policies and dealing with things like Obamacare still is Donald Trump,” she said.

If Hillary gets in as most pollsters predict, she will be entering the White House with a lot of baggage, perhaps a year of congressional hearings over the email scandal and possible impeachment procedures might well take place with a Republican controlled Congress — that is, if President Obama doesn’t pardon her before he leaves office.

Charles Krauthammer, a Washington Post conservative columnist, and a Fox News contributor, doesn’t think it matters who gets in.  

Either way, he says, ‘there will be a Civil War.’ 

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