The Operative Word For The Lack Of A Criminal Indictment For Hillary Clinton Is ‘Rigged’


Clinton & Obama on email defense

Washington DC (Storch Report) — There has been a lot of parsing of words by many a pundit since FBI Director James Comey delivered the bureau’s indictment of Hillary Clinton Tuesday without a charge which has now been ratified this evening by Attorney General Loretta Lynch. 

But as Yogi said, ‘It’s not over until it’s over,’ and it’s not over.

Tomorrow at 10 AM the Congress will grill Comey over his words, their meanings and his conclusions.

The confluence of words this week seemed to be bouncing off of each other like a group of bumper cars at a carnival.

It’s not that words don’t matter — they do.

So we decided to consult with Jacques Clouseau to see if he could find a trail of words that might have given FBI Director a clue as to how the political winds were blowing.

He didn’t have to go back too far to find his first and second clue that would give Comey some inside as to how he can save his job within the winds of war, after all he is not a novice to the political land mines of the beltway.

The first was widely publicized when President Obama announced he was endorsing Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic candidate for President.

The second came when Obama gave one of his few interviews to Fox News on April 10, 2016, and in defending Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State and decided to establish her own private email system and servers, which were located in her own home.

By this time Clinton admitted it was a mistake.  At this point Obama had already endorsed her and in defending her he called her actions ‘carelessness’ in managing her emails.  He went on to say, however, that, “I continue to believe that she has not jeopardized America’s national security.”  However, as it turned out she did.

Obama went on to promise that there would be no political pressure on the FBI or the Justice department as they probe Clinton’s email.

He didn’t have to, nor did he have to reinforce the message with his two key operatives.

Jacques picked up the third clue when Bill Clinton, the former President and husband of Hillary, arranged a meeting with Attorney General Lynch at the Phoenix Airport. When her plane arrived, Clinton boarded it and the two had a 30 minute meeting allegedly talking about family, grand kids, golf and travels, the question of a criminal indictment for Hillary over the email issue never came up.

Clue four came up when Comey called a rather quickly developed press conference where he delivered a statement concluding the FBI’s investigation of Clinton.

He delivered a blistering indictment of Clinton but without a charge.

Comey said Clinton was ‘extremely careless’ (note the Obama word of careless used on April 10 with Fox News) in handling ‘top secret’ and ‘confidential’ information through her private email which is the definition of ‘gross negligence,’ a violation of federal laws, a felony which is indictable.

Comey was obviously under pressure to resolve the Clinton scandal, for that afternoon Clinton was taking off with Obama on Air Force One for a political campaign rally in North Carolina.

In a column today I concluded America was the new Banana Republic.

The operative word had nothing to do with ‘carelessness’ or ‘gross negligence’ — it had to do with a system that is ‘rigged.’











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