The Newsroom At 55 Park Place – Chapter 11 – #StayWoke

    The Newsroom At 55 Park Place

                                                               By Don Storch


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            This book is dedicated to my Mom and Dad, mentors of an only child, with daily memories of loving gratefulness, Viola Pauline (Helmstatt) Storch (1910 – 1969) and George John Storch (1903-1969)

                                                                       And To:

                                                       Norman B. Tomlinson Jr

Chapter 11


It’s not easy to stay woke in the silence of a morgue of a newsroom in which I sit and use to work.

Yes, once again it’s a flash forward of a 21st century trend from one of those old wire service machines that keeps me up-to-date rather than my own happy-go-lucky memoir in the comfort of my time-warp of the 50’s.

Trends today come in the form of hashtags, which we didn’t have in my non-digital culture of social media in the happy 50’s.

This is the symbol for a hashtag #, in case you thought .com was a period com.

You find hashtags on the Internet culture with venues called Twitter and Facebook.

In the 50’s you heard a twitter in a tree and saw a face on a book.

I’m told #StayWoke is a trend the left should be especially aware of on July 4th, 2018, so they don’t get distracted from their core beliefs and the responsibilities of creating divisiveness and hatred in America.

I read on these antiquated wire service machines, which are having trouble spewing forth this rhetoric, that people from the extreme left are easily distracted by the right, especially on July 4h with all this talk about ‘Independence,’ heroes and wars that became part and parcel of defending our freedoms and democracy over the years.

All along I thought #StayWoke had to do with me watching the Tampa Bay Ray’s v the Miami Dolphins at 8 PM last night and waking up at 3 AM on the Fourth, only to find the same baseball game still going on but it was all tied-up at 4 to 4 in the 13th inning.

Being #StayWoke, I watched a few more innings and the Rays broke through with a 9-6 win in the 15th inning as both teams were running out of players and fans.

And, while sitting in the noiseless newsroom, I better understood the left trending hashtag #StayWoke.

These old wire machines did have an add-on to stories that noted even in Victorian times there were trends – although they didn’t have hashtags # – that is apparently why we no longer have Chimney Sweeps.

To Be Continued . . .

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